sing off nbc night 3 on the rocks 320 'The Sing Off' Night 3: On the Rocks gets artsy. Who knew?

Well, well, well “The Sing-Off,” you are full of surprises once again. In the last episode, Groove for Thought pulled itself out of elimination by pushing its voices beyond expectations and now On the Rocks basically pulled off the same thing.
Before we get to that, let’s talk about the snore of a Round 1. The groups had to perform a rock hit and we were hard-pressed to find any of them really rockin’ out. We know, Nicole Scherzinger, rock doesn’t have to always be amped up – except it does (even the slow jams)! Each group faltered in this round except for the rock solid godfathers of a capella, Jerry Lawson & Talk of The Town and natural southern rockers Street Corner Symphony.
So, basically the competition once again really comes down to Round 2 and this was more up a capella’s alley in our mind: Guilty pleasures. Our favorite song came from Jerry Lawson & Talk of The Town. It doesn’t hurt that the group did “Easy,” which is one of our all-time favorites and Jerry’s voice was like buttah on it. And Street Corner Symphony’s take on “Come on, Eileen” was as good as a capella can get on that one in our mind.
Committed’s take on the Backstreet Boys hit “I Want It That Way” gives us another reason why their name is so appropriate for the church boys. They really decided to get into it and it doesn’t hurt to focus all your mojo on the one female judge. “Call me,” one of them mouthed at the end. We loved that. And so what about 98 Degrees, Nick Lachey? You have no voting power.

sing off nbc night 3 groove for thought 'The Sing Off' Night 3: On the Rocks gets artsy. Who knew?
So, basically we’re down to three groups. Two of the three made some stretches in their style. The Backbeats loosened up a lot on “Love Shack,” while On the Rocks reeled itself in on “Kyrie.” We think the judges couldn’t punish the groups for doing what they’ve been told and breaking out of their comfort zone. 
Most of all, On the Rocks did itself a big favor by showing they weren’t just the fun college kids who could cover up their weaknesses with energetic choreography. They proved their talent in harmony could hold its own with any of the groups in the competition.

In the end, Groove for Thought, who in our opinion didn’t bring out its big guns as it did in Night 2 nor did it break out of their Jazzy comfort style, sang its swan song.
Are you okay with Groove for Thought leaving or do you disagree with the judges’ decision? Sound off below!
Posted by:Jethro Nededog