kevin durand the strain fx 'The Strain's' Kevin Durand: Vasiliy Fet was born to kill vampires

Fans of “The Strain” were introduced to a new character in the second episode, “The Box.” Vasiliy Fet (Kevin Durand) is an exterminator, which is going to be something the world desperately needs as the outbreak begins to take hold.
Zap2it braved the cold Canadian winter in March to visit the set of “The Strain,” along with a collection of other media outlets. While there, Durand spoke about Fet and how he fits into the story.
Sitting in a large room, in-between takes during a night shoot, Durand quips, “I might be killing vampires at any second, saving all your lives.” If any of the characters seeing the contagion spread before there eyes is qualified to save the world, it may very well be Fet.
“Vasiliy Fet was born to do it. He’s the guy for the job,” Durand says. “He kind of was a guy you might not pick out of a crowd when everything was going okay in society. But then as soon as the s*** hit the fan, he rises up like a great viking, of sorts, and kind of finds what he was born to do.”
Playing the hero is something Durand doesn’t get to do often, as fans of “Lost” could attest. “It’s kind of nice to step on the other side of the line. I usually provide the dark part of the narrative,” he says. “I get to be a really good guy. He could be a little dark, obviously, at times but he’s trying to save humanity.”
It’s hard for his character not to stray to the dark side now and then, after all it’s the end of the world. “My development has been mostly discovering what the h*** this thing is and figuring it out,” Durand explains. “Most people are freaking out and I’m like, ‘I’ll kill those for you. It’s kind of fun. How else do they die?'”
Early on, that’s the difference between Vasiliy and Ephraim. Eph is concerned with how to save people at this point. That’s just not how Fet’s mind works. He’s very meticulous with his job. That’s the reason he kind of rose to the top of his field and now he’s just trying to move that meticulous attention to detail to killing these infected people,” Durand says. “He’s trying to understand it completely so he can completely obliterate them.”
On the other hand, his relationship with Setrakian is quite different. The pawn shop owner knows just how dangerous the outbreak and The Master are. “He kind of takes me under his wing,” Durand says. “He understands a lot of what will take these things down, but he’s also learning as well. So we’re all trying to figure out what the best way is to achieve mass slaughter of these d*** things.”
Now it’s just a matter of slaughtering them before they take over the world. After all, these aren’t the bloodsuckers you’ve become accustomed to in recent years. “These vampires are not glittering in sunlight, I’ll tell you that much,” he jokes. “‘Twilight’ was really fun, but this is different. This is horrifying.”
“The Strain” airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX.
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