the strain 104 recap fx 'The Strain' Season 1, episode 4 recap: 'It's Not For Everyone'

Finally, after four episodes of “The Strain,” Ephraim is starting to understand just how gigantic the outbreak really is, and how dangerous it will be. After a late-night autopsy on the vampire killed last week, it’s clear that whatever is infecting people is completely changing their biological make up.
The old organs shrivel and die, while new ones are created to support the stinger that helps them suck the life out of others. That leads him to realize that Setrakian was right all along. The coffin should have been destroyed. As he blames himself for all of the chaos being caused, Jim finally comes clean.
He admits to being the one that let the van with the box leave the airport. He was paid off by an associate of Eichorst, and believes he was targeted due to his financial status. After no end of cancer treatments for his wife, Jim is completely broke and thought he had found a quick fix, not realizing exactly what he was doing.
Disgusted, Eph dismisses him before going to look for Mr. Arnot, the French man who was greeted at home by his vampire daughter. They want to get her contained before she can hurt anymore. Unfortunately, as you know, it’s way too late for that.

When they find the girl, she tries to get them with her stinger, but misses. Then Setrakian miraculously appears and chops off her head. He gives her infected dad the same treatment, which sends Nora over the edge. Eph tries to rationalize it all to her, explaining that they aren’t people anymore, but she can’t handle it.
Once she leaves, it looks like the time has finally come for Eph and Setrakian to team up. Watch out vampires, with these two working together things are going to get crazy.

While all this was happening, there was quite a bit going on with one of the plane survivors. Ansel realized he was changing and made his wife take their kids away. When she eventually returns, she finds him turned and chained up in the shed, after killing the family dog. While he’s aching to feed, Ansel has also kept a piece of himself alive. He tells her to run because the voice in his head is saying to devour her.
Instead, in one of the strangest moments of the night, Ansel’s wife sends a rude neighbor in there to get eaten. That’ll teach him to complain so much.
Finally, Palmer hires a hacker to essentially bring down the internet in New York City, to keep photos and videos from being passed around online. That’ll keep hysteria to a minimum. He also heads into surgery once his liver begins to fail. His body continues to give out, so his plan with Eichorst is going to need to move forward soon.
No Bolivar in this week’s episode after those interesting developments he went though in “Gone Smooth.” It shouldn’t take long for him to reappear, though.
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