the strain 105 recap fx 'The Strain' Season 1, episode 5 recap: 'Runaways'

More than any episode before it, the latest installment of “The Strain” focused on how how bad the outbreak is, and how much worse it can be. After Nora decided she couldn’t work with Eph, considering he defended Setrakian for killing two of the infected, the two men carried on their investigation together.
It took them to Ansel’s home, where they made the shocking discovery that his wife had hung herself inside the house. That discovery led them to the shed, where Ansel had chained himself up before changing. Eph used the video camera in his phone to document how the infection had changed Ansel, before Setrakian beheaded him and the rude neighbor he fed on last week.
With that evidence, he hoped to show his boss that a quarantine was needed. Instead, he was nearly taken into custody after the illegal autopsy on the pilot who survived the airplane. Though Jim had previously revealed his betrayal to Eph, he also helped him escape the building, so Eph could do whatever possible to stop the outbreak.
Viewers also learned more about Setrakian’s past with The Master. He’s shown arriving at a concentration camp run by Eichorst and put to work as a contractor. At night, The Master is seen feeding on others in his barracks.

As for the other survivors, Joan and Bolivar both got time on screen in this episode, after largely sitting last week out. After losing his genitals, Bolivar has made the transformation into a vampire, stinger and all.
He feeds on the urologist who comes to check out his … affliction. Thinking he killed someone, Bolivar’s manager calls in a cleaner to get rid of the body. What she doesn’t realize is exactly what he’s become. That mistake causes the life of the cleaner, who Bolivar also feeds on.

Meanwhile, Joan still hasn’t made the transformation. She’s not far off, though. Lying in bed sick, she is a little too interested in the blood flowing through the veins of her children. In fact, the nanny takes them out of the house to a movie before Joan can do anything to them.
On a larger scale, the size of the outbreak starts becoming a bit more clear. While Nora visited her mother in an old age home, she encountered a vampire feeding and the hysteria surrounding it. Then there was Fet. After being told about some odd movement in the city’s rat population, he goes to the sewers to see what he can find. What he isn’t expecting is an army of infected, chasing him. Luckily, he makes it back to the street level where they can’t follow. That pesky sun burns them too much.
At the rate the outbreak is spreading, and the fact that the Internet is down to keep from spreading that information, things are only going to get deadlier from here.
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