the strain 107 recap fx 'The Strain' Season 1, episode 7 recap: 'For Services Rendered'

With all that happened in the latest episode of “The Strain,” who would have thought it was airplane survivor Joan that would have the meatiest part of the story? After the nanny took her kids away, her story picked up the next morning.
The nanny contacted her husband to inform him that something was very wrong with the woman. When he went home, he found infected vampires on the hunt and barricaded himself indoors just in time to get the stinger treatment from his own wife, who has fully changed.
Later, when the nanny’s own daughter demanded she take the kids home, the four of them discovered exactly what was going on and it wasn’t pretty. After escaping Joan to hide in a pantry, though the nanny’s daughter was infected via a cut on her hand, militarized vampires appeared.
Do yourself a favor and read that again. A trio of vampires with weapons and body armor showed up to kill Joan. The leader of the group inspects the children and tells the nanny to take them away to safety. However, he kills the nanny’s daughter, because she’s “corrupt.” 

Of everything that has happened in the series to far, this is easily the most mind-bending. There is a group of vigilante vampires out there taking care of the infected that are feeding on people. Who are they and what’s their real goal? Let’s also hope they fight alongside Fet or Setrakian at some point, because that would be immensely entertaining.
Meanwhile, Jim comes clean with his wife about what he’s done in letting the contagion break free. He’s also used by Setrakian and Eph as bait to get Eichorst to lead them to the Master. Of course, it doesn’t work. Eichorst has been around the block a time of two and isn’t that dumb.

Instead he has a bit of a showdown with Setrakian in the subways, and just before killing him takes a silver bullet to the leg from Eph. He gets away to creep out another day.
There was also a lot more time spent in the flashbacks to Setrakian’s concentration camp stay. It’s revealed that Eichorst drafted him to carve the Master’s coffin, not explaining exactly what it was. That firmly pits Setrakian in the middle of all of this and shows just how entwined his life is with the Master.
Finally, Gus and Felix were in jail but didn’t get around to doing much. Felix, infected himself, just sort of acted miserable while Gus played tough guy. Once Felix turns, things should heat up for them again.
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