the strain 108 recap fx 'The Strain' Season 1, episode 8 recap: 'Creatures of the Night' take a life

With the latest episode of “The Strain,” it was time to say goodbye to a main member of the cast. It was sad, but almost heroic in a way.
It all started with Eph, Jim, Nora and Setrakian met up with Fet as a warehouse. They, like Fet, were after UV lights because they kill the vampires. After their bit of looting there, they ended up across the street as a gas station to buy supplies.
It turned out to be the wrong idea though, because they were soon surrounded by vampires and forced to barricade themselves inside. What a coincidence as that’s where Dutch, the computer hacker who’s really screwed things up, happened to be.
During a scuffle with the vampires, a stinger scratches Jim. He seems fine until Nora realizes there’s a worm in his face. After a quick impromptu surgery, it looks as if he’ll be alright. However, Eph eventually realized that wasn’t the case. Using the UV light, he discovers the worm had completely infected Jim before it was removed.

Faced with becoming a vampire, Jim chose to die. Ever loyal to his wife until the end, he knows that a vampires first instinct is to feed on those they love. Rather than become the monster, he wants to end it right away. When Ephraim refuses to let Setrakian behead Jim, Fet grabs a gun and shoots him in the head.
It was a quick end, but a necessary one. Eph didn’t know how to let his friend go, unwilling to accept he was already gone. It was then that the plan to escape the gas station came together. They made their getaway in a break truck after tossing molotov cocktails and spilling buckets of gas to light on fire.  It was an explosive ending.

At first glance, it might not seem like a lot happened in the episode since it was almost entirely set in the gas station. However, Fet and Dutch have now joined the team, making them that more powerful of a group. Sadly, this is where Jim’s story will end though. After all, he got his wish to not turn into a vampire.
Additionally, the episode demonstrated how the vampires evolve. The ones attacking the gas station had reasoning abilities and were able to think out plans and use tools. One of them was even smart enough to cut power to the gas station. That chef vampire was certainly something else. None of them will become what Eichorst is, though. He’s one of the master’s “chosen ones.”
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