“The Switch” looks to be a winner so far.

Not only does it star Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston and Jeff Goldblum — all comedic in their own right — but the premise is just fun for all the “what ifs.”

The hypothetical that we’re faced with in the first clip is what kind of wishlist would you want in a potential sperm donor? Is this necessarily different from what you would want in a mate?

You don’t have to be attracted to your sperm donor, but you’d like your potential children to have all the advantages possible, which yes, would mean superficial stuff like height and looks.

Of course, in this second clip, we’re faced with another question: How much nature comes through despite the nurture? It’s obvious that Sebastian (Thomas Robinson) is supposed to be a mini-Wally (Bateman). We’d also like to know what happened to the 50 percent of genetic material that Kassie (Aniston) contributed.

“The Switch” opens in theaters on Friday, Aug. 20.

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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen