the taste season 2 premiere lee knoeppel nigella lawson 'The Taste' Season 2 premiere: Nigella Lawson talks dirty“The Taste” returned to ABC Season 2 Thursday (Jan. 2) it was marked by three things. The first two noteworthy things were the first chef to ever receive four yes votes during the auditions, Lee Knoeppel (pictured above) and the debut of new mentor Marcus Samuelsson, who we have enjoyed previously on “Chopped” and other various cooking shows.

The third standout was Nigella Lawson’s return to TV since her public divorce from Charles Saatchi and subsequent trial against her former assistants where Lawson admitted to her occasional cocaine use.

Lawson was not holding back during the premiere, offering her signature slightly flirty bon mots. Here were her best sound-dirty-but-aren’t lines from the night:

  • “It’s exquisite. It appeals to every sense and it can change your life.”
  • “This is not what you’d call ‘presentation,’ but the whole point here is about the taste.”
  • “I would be so honored if you would come and cook in my kitchen.”
  • “If you were in my kitchen, the food would be mind-blowing.”
  • “If you don’t mind me occasionally being a bit bossy, I feel like you and I would be a very good fit.”
  • “I like a big mouthful. I like that a lot.”
  • “I’m just going to let the party roll.”
  • “I need to feel hungry to have more of their food.”
  • “Too much acidity for me.”
  • “Do you know how much I wanted to stretch my hand and press ‘yes’ on Ludo’s button there?”
  • “Lucky I’ve got a big mouth, look at this.”
  • “If you’re going to make something sweet, you need to seduce with it. I want to be swooning.”
  • “It was very seductive. … I want to say simply that it utterly seduced me. Without wanting to do anything as unseemly as beg, I would like to invite you to come into my kitchen.”
  • “I like a dumpling that explodes slightly.”
  • “I think you know that you and I were meant for one another. We were just born to cook together. … You can’t fight this.”
  • “It was such a delight to eat your food. I would be so honored if you came into my kitchen because I really feel that each week you’ll get higher and higher.”
  • “This entirely won me over but I’m full in my kitchen.”

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