One thing you have to give the Tea Party: They are dedicated in their development of pop culture-friendly propaganda. The newest example of this is “A Movement on Fire,” a trailer for a “Hunger Games”-esque film from the Tea Party Patriots.

Apparently, “A Movement on Fire” tells the gripping story of how the evil Development Party took control of a city that was once “a great beacon of hope and liberty.” The exact city is not identified, but it looks very Middle America. Once in control, the Evil Development Leader Guy (who has great teeth) forced everyone to get black-and-white cards used for the purpose of standing in line.

But wait! A young rebel  named Archer has realized that there is more to life than “waiting in lines”! There is freedom! And liberty! And… Actually, it’s not particularly clear what the rebel group in this video believes. But they are definitely against the government. Sounds somehow familiar…

One interesting change from “The Hunger Games” may be the identity of the protagonist. Instead of a tough girl like Katniss Everdeen, Archer is a 20-something guy. Girl power is not exactly a theme here. Sure, there’s a symbolic “Liberty” character who gets hooded and kidnapped or something at the beginning. Also, our protagonist argues briefly with a Hispanic-looking girl who points out “Look at all they give us!”

We will not assume, of course, that these choices reflect any particular Tea Party biases. That would be as unthinkable as it is obvious.

But the Tea Party Patriots don’t need to address clear messages and gender equality when they have “Fiscal Responsibility!” “Constitutionally Limited Government!” and “Free Markets!”

Alas, you will not be able to see this film in theaters everywhere. The trailer indicates only that information is available in booth 501. Let’s just hope the lines aren’t too long.

Posted by:Laurel Brown