three stooges movie 'The Three Stooges' review roundup: 'See it? Soitenly!'Call us skeptical, but we’re usually of the opinion that any movie with commercials specifically telling women to stay home and send their husbands to see it alone can’t be that great. But surprisingly, “The Three Stooges” reboot, starring Sean Hayes, Chris Diamantopoulos and Will Sasso as Larry, Moe and Curly, has been getting plenty of favorable reviews.

Check out a few critical opinions below, then weigh in with your own once you’ve seen it!

Entertainment Weekly
Owen Gleiberman gives the film an A-, writing, “When Moe, Larry, and Curly, standing on a theater stage, finally go at it in an all-out way, whacking each other like there’s no tomorrow, the violence is so catchy and free-form it’s almost jazz: a bebop trio of sadomasochistic slapstick. … Will this movie, playing to young viewers who
don’t know the Stooges at all, look off-puttingly old-fashioned or so
bizarrely slapstick-intense that it seems as up-to-the-minute in its
comedy as anything from Adam Sandler or Will Ferrell? I honestly have no
idea. But should they go to see it? Soitenly!

New York Times
The film is a critics pick, with Manohla Dargis saying, “Much of the pleasure in “The Three Stooges” comes from watching and hearing (the boings and thumps are terrific) grown men smack each other silly in Rube Goldberg-like formations and without suffering so much as a single black eye, enduring psychological damage or, as bad, being forced to change. Like Wile E. Coyote and those inflatable clowns that bounce back after every punch, the Three Stooges take plenty of hits but keep on coming. They are, as the Farrellys understand, testaments to human resilience, one slap and tickle at a time. “

Stephanie Zacharek gives the Farrelly Brothers remake an 8 (out of 10, presumably), writing, “The Farrellys’ reimagining of the Stooges ouvre — which includes a
backstory set in an orphanage run by nuns — is packed with so much
affection, and pays so much attention to detail, that I think it’s
possible to love The Three Stooges even if you never loved the
Three Stooges. The picture is confident in its ridiculousness — any
movie that puts Larry David in a nun’s habit has to be.”

Rolling Stone
Peter Travers gives the movie two out of four stars, saying, “The actors deserve a full-throated woo-woo-woo! But the gags don’t blossom with repetition. The Stooges were always better in short doses. And 90 minutes of PG nyuk-nyuk-nyuk can seem like an eternity. Even when Moe hooks up with the cast of Jersey Shore, this century’s bottom-feeding purveyors of lowbrow comedy, the jokes grow stale. For the Farrellys, The Three Stooges is a labor of love. For non-believers, it’s merely a labor.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley