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“The Tomorrow People” can do more than just hide underground and moan about how evolution has screwed up their lives. In “Girl, Interrupted,” we find out that the **homo superior powers are also good for curing deafness, warding off date rape and stopping suicides.

It’s pretty cool stuff.

Cara was deaf???

Did anyone see that one coming? Sure, every one of the Tomorrow People was different back in the day, but deaf? Really? Also, Cara had bangs that were not working for her at all.

That might have been for the best though, since she went to school with a bunch of violent and sex-crazed boys. When one such boy got rough after driving the deaf girl out into the woods, Cara defended herself by mentally throwing the kid off of her.

Then her hearing kicked in out of nowhere, which seemed to be even more disorienting.

Unfortunately for the newly hearing Cara, her push somehow managed to kill the would-be rapist. A powerful father and no witnesses meant that Cara was headed to jail before her teleporting kicked in. If only she had had an understanding father — not one who just shoved money at her and thought mean things — life might have been better for Cara.

She didn’t even get to say a proper goodbye to her little sister. But we’ve heard about that girl before, so she’ll probably be back at some point.

Jumping back to the present-day, Cara is kind of distracted throughout “Girl, Interrupted.” It seems that her telepathic abilities can get a little out-of-control at times, making her frown a lot. This isn’t very helpful, even if the girl’s trauma is pretty reasonable.

Party time!

Stephen, meanwhile, is neither traumatized nor distracted by his own newfound telepathy. At a party, the kid reads his classmates’ hormonally charged minds and has a great time. That is, it’s a great time until he hears a sad girl named Emily think about an upcoming suicide.

This puts Stephen in a rather tough position. He can’t reveal himself, but he doesn’t want to just let the girl die. Not that anyone agrees — Stephen’s underground friends and Jedikiah all have the opinion that one suicidal human isn’t worth it.

That’s pretty dark.

Ultra is smarter than the Tomorrow People

For all their idealism about saving the race, the Tomorrow People aren’t that good at their attempts to infiltrate Ultra. A plan to use Stephen to link into Ultra’s mainframe goes awry when Cara gets overwhelmed by thoughts, leaving the inside man all alone. After that, Stephen’s inability to lie well makes Jedikiah suspicious.

But it looks, for awhile anyway, like the computer thing worked at least. TIM spits out the information that a new breaking-out Tomorrow Person is down by the docks, so John, Cara and Russell go to investigate.

It’s a trap.

Many agents and a lot of fighting follow. While John and Russell get away, Cara is captured by Stephen’s mean new partner and taken to Ultra.

Timing is everything

Stephen being the nice guy that he is can’t let Ultra just kill the pretty girl he likes. Despite the dangers, Stephen intercedes with Jedikiah, pointing out that they should just remove Cara’s powers so she’ll be useless. They don’t need to kill her!

Cara disagrees. She would rather be dead than go back to the way things were before. Which is fair, considering how things were before.

But Stephen doesn’t listen. He can’t. He has to give Cara the power-wiping injection. One seizure later and she is, presumably, a normal deaf girl again.

Or not. You see, Stephen still has that whole time-stopping thing. It’s not too reliable, but he does muster up some freezing at just the right moment. Swapping out saline for the power-removal drug, Cara only acts like she’s getting de-powered.

Now, of course, Cara can’t ever be seen by Jedikiah. That would be very, very bad for Stephen.

Back to that suicide …

Despite what everyone is telling him, Stephen doesn’t want to let Emily kill herself. He eventually figures out that she is planning to be hit by a train — one year earlier, Emily had caused her younger sister’s death in the same way.

But Emily can’t see Stephen. That’s wear Cara steps in. Teleporting into the vehicle as the train approaches, Cara empathizes with Emily’s plight and gets the suicidal girl to drive off the tracks to safety.

Their work done, the Tomorrow People teleport away.

It’s just too bad that Astrid drives up just in time to see Stephen disappear. This could be a problem.

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