the tomorrow people john russell all tomorrows parties recap cw 'The Tomorrow People': Big revelations in 'All Tomorrow's Parties'

“The Tomorrow People” isn’t pulling any punches when it comes to revealing the show’s secrets. In “All Tomorrow’s Parties,” the audience gets a glimpse at ULTRA’s “man behind the curtain.” Cara finds out John’s dark secret. And Astrid finally gets an answer to her many burning questions about Stephen.

It’s exciting, and it may be the best “Tomorrow People” episode yet.

Their own worst enemy?

Summoned by the still mysterious big boss of ULTRA, Stephen gets a bit of a shock when he learns that the man in charge is a Tomorrow Person. How does that work exactly? We don’t learn to much about this right away, but there are undertones of war and choosing sides.

This will all become very important eventually. The important things right now are that Jedikiah has a boss, and even the Big Boss can’t read Stephen’s mind.

Eat, drink and be merry, for Tomorrow People may die

Instead of doing the usual thing of hanging out in the sewers, waiting for salvation, the Tomorrow People decide to party in this episode. Bad idea.

That annoying breakout from episode 2 is back, and he turns out to be a total traitor to the cause. In a justifiable effort to save his mother’s life, the former bank robber tells ULTRA that everyone is going out to a club to let off some steam.

Jedikiah being the rotten person that he is uses this as an opportunity to wipe out all of the rebels. That he only succeeds in killing three of them is a testament to how it takes more than computer chips to keep Stephen from saving the day.

Can Cara love a killer?

Among the many results of the nightclub massacre is Cara finding out John’s dirty little secret. In order to save her life, John guns down an enemy and doesn’t even flinch.

Can Cara accept that? Even if she can accept that her love is a murderer, is lying a problem? Stephen may just get his chance with the pretty girl after all.

Cute, pink dresses inspire truth

Astrid and Stephen make up at the beginning of “All Tomorrow’s Parties,” but the strain isn’t going anywhere. Even if she is willing to head to a school dance with her best friend, Astrid isn’t giving up on finding out the truth behind Stephen’s disappearing act.

Her curiosity only increases when Stephen bails on the dance and she follows him to the nightclub.

Fortunately for the fate of the friendship, Stephen is rather broken up about the night and needs someone to lean on. With little warning, he teleports Astrid to where they first met. Astrid, impressively, looks only amazed and not completely and totally freaked out.

A few more important items of note in “All Tomorrow’s Parties”:

  • Has “The Tomorrow People” found its Felicity? “All Tomorrow’s Parties” introduces genetics nerd and super-genius, Irene. She seems cool. And she thinks Stephen is way cute. If only she can survive that bullet wound to twerk another day.

  • This episode is the first in which the term “jaunting” is used. Back in the original series, to jaunt was the same as to teleport. It’s a little more violent here.

  • John doesn’t like to party. This is only partially because of his issues with Stephen.

  • Short dresses are totally in for formal wear this spring.

  • “Loyalty is something a dog offers.” – Jedikiah likes playing with semantics.

  • Does Jedikiah actually care about Stephen, or is there something else behind Uncle Jed’s “protection” of Stephen on the night of the raid?

“The Tomorrow People” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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