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The return of “The Tomorrow People” in 2014 signaled a lot of changes. With “The Citadel” bringing a whole new aspect of ULTRA, Cara’s leadership instead of John’s and some unpleasant revelations about Roger, change was inevitable.

A change in leadership

Obviously, John wasn’t going to keep his position of authority once everyone found out that he a) could kill and b) did kill the guy they’ve been waiting for as a savior for years now. He’s lucky that a vote of no-confidence was all that happened.

Thus, Cara is now in charge of the Tomorrow People. What kind of a leader is she? “She is totally like a hawk,” executive producer Phil Klemmer told Zap2it in a recent interview. “She goes from being reluctantly taking the reins, to basically a warrior queen ready to take the fight to the doors of ULTRA in the course of an episode.”

Is John OK with this? Surprisingly, he’s very cool with the changes to the leadership structure. Although John did interfere a bit in “The Citadel” — when it was a life-or-death situation — John rather easily took a step back from his former power. Klemmer explained why:

“He gets to actually live like a human being for the first time in his life … This kid who was plucked out of a foster home and put into essentially quasi-military service and forced to do horrible things, and forced to live like a rat as a rebel leader … John first gets to feel the sunshine on his face and emerge as his own man apart from the burden of being the leader.”

A change in strategy

Thanks to the sudden appearance of the Citadel as yet another problem, the Tomorrow People don’t seem interested in keeping it all defensive anymore. Why would they, when it turns out that there’s a guinea pig-style lab waiting for any of them if they’re caught?

The question now becomes: Can the Tomorrow People really fight ULTRA? It seems like that organization is constantly growing, sprouting new heads each time one gets cut off. Will a bunch of young adults with inexplicable martial-arts skills stand much of a chance against a seemingly limitless paramilitary organization?

That should be interesting to see.

A change in plans?

Here’s the thing: The main plan for the Tomorrow People under John was always to find Roger and then run off to some semi-mythical Sanctuary. At this point, however, that’s not looking like a great plan. John, the brains behind the operation, knew all along that Roger was dead. And even if Roger isn’t dead, he seems to need a body to come back from Limbo or whatever crazy dimension he’s in.

Jedikiah claims to have cremated his brother’s body, so that plan seems off.

The underground Tomorrow People movement therefore doesn’t have much to go on now. They could, of course, keep living in the subway tunnels and hiding, but that hardly seems exciting. Is the show going to shift focus to the fight with ULTRA? Will there be a new foe to face?

No matter what, “The Tomorrow People” has to make some changes.

Posted by:Laurel Brown