the tomorrow people elizabeth hurley robert gant gi 'The Tomorrow People': Elizabeth Hurley and Robert Gant to guest star

“The Tomorrow People” does a good job when it comes to casting, and now Elizabeth Hurley (“Gossip Girl”) and Robert Gant (“Queer as Folk”) have both been signed for upcoming roles. Both actors are set to appear in episodes 10 and 12 of the show’s first season.

Not that we are likely to actually see Elizabeth Hurley in her “Tomorrow People” debut. That’s because (according to E!Online) Hurley will be playing Alice, an artificial-intelligence super-computer. The ULTRA counterpart to the Tomorrow People’s TIM (voiced by “Downton Abbey” actor Dan Stevens), Alice is something of an evil computer with an oddly vindictive streak.

In Hurley’s first episode, “The Citadel,” Alice will go up against Stephen (Robbie Amell) in the hunt for rogue Tomorrow People.

Robert Gant will make his first appearance in that same episode, according to TVLine. The actor will play Peter, the new boyfriend of Stephen’s mom, Marla. In between fighting with Alice the Computer, poor Stephen also has to figure out if Peter is just interested in dating or if there is a deeper and more sinister connection.

“The Tomorrow People” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

Posted by:Laurel Brown