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As “The Tomorrow People” heads into the last third of its first season, tensions are growing between all of the characters. John, however, may have the most to deal with. His dysfunctional/homicidal relationship with Jedikiah, that on-again-off-again Cara relationship and flirting with Astrid all come to play in upcoming episodes.

Get more details in this interview with actor Luke Mitchell.

Zap2it: What is next for John?
Mitchell: This next episode on Monday, he probably faces the biggest decision of his life. Not to over-dramatize it, but it’s kind of revealed that the reason Jedikiah engineered him to kill is to stop the Founder.

So now, because everything is ramping up and time is of the essence, Jedikiah has decided that the time is now. John has to decide if he believes and/or trusts Jedikiah — and that’s going to be a tough thing in itself, because he doesn’t so much. He just doesn’t know with Jedikiah, even though they have so much history. That fascinating relationship … It’s a big decision, but it’s not as simple as ‘Oh, do I kill the Founder?’ Even if he said, ‘Yes, I accept the challenge,’ how do you go about killing one of the most powerful Tomorrow People? It’s not a straightforward thing.

Is John likely to trust Jedikiah’s plans for him?
There’s zero trust going into this. I can’t remember their exact last interaction, but that’s the reason why Jedikiah goes through Stephen to send John a message. Because if Jedikiah tried to approach John ordinarily, that wouldn’t go down too well. And you see right off the bat that Stephen is having a chat with John, and John doesn’t buy any of that. Here’s a message from a man who lies for a living! So it takes a little bit of coaxing to get to the stage where John and Jedikiah actually have a conversation. And that conversation is pretty tense, to say the least.

How is John doing, considering that his world has been turned upside-down repeatedly?
I think he’s doing his best to just keep everything under control. There’s a lot of things going on below the surface that he’s trying to put on a brave face and a poker face for the greater good. He’s trying to support Cara and her leadership and not go behind her back or anything like that. So I think he’s trying to keep his s*** together! I think he’s doing an OK job, but I’m not so sure it’s going to last all that long.

What does this mean for the renewed relationship with Cara? Are they going to stay together?
They’re going to try and make it last. They’re trying hard. Length of time? Basically, they do well, but there is a point in the near future, something happens. And that causes something else major to happen. Things come to a halt in the near future because of outside circumstances.

Could one of those outside circumstances be Astrid?
I think the John-Astrid relationship is the fun one. It kind of brings out an interesting side for both of them. Generally, you get to see John be as close to a regular human being as you’d ever see him — because they don’t really have any interaction down below in the lair. Their interactions are always in the real world, with John trying to help Astrid. It generally brings out a lighter tone and a little bit of fun and playfulness. I’m glad that fans seem to be enjoying that side to both of those characters. There are definitely a lot more John and Astrid scenes coming up. Whether it becomes romantic or not, I’m not at liberty to say, but I think ‘Jastrid’ fans will be happy.

“The Tomorrow People” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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