the tomorrow people deaths door recap stephen cara russell cw 'The Tomorrow People': Murder, limbo and Darth Vader in 'Death's Door'

“The Tomorrow People” fall finale, “Death’s Door,” proved:

1. Stephen’s father, Roger, is in limbo — a place that can only be accessed by near-death experiences.
2. Jedikiah Price isn’t entirely evil.
3. The Founder is really Darth Vader.

Other things happened in the episode, of course, but these are the most important. For more on this and the rest of the show, keep reading.

The Founder = Darth Vader

The Founder has a distinctly Sith Lord quality about him at all times. A man with super-powers, he allies himself with evil and even becomes its master. Sounds just like Darth Vader, right?

  • “Death’s Door,” however, made it really clear that the Founder should be dressed in black with a mask. The evidence of this is impressive:
  • Early on in the episode, the Founder demands that John reveal the location of “your rebel friends.” This may be a direct borrowing from the original “Star Wars.”
  • When John doesn’t comply with his wishes, the Founder uses the Force telekinesis to psychically strangle the young man.
  • Right after his goons kill Crick, the Founder remarks that he felt the “presence” of another person in the house.
  • All the talk of Stephen’s destiny and being like his father? That has to be something of a Luke Skywalker reference, doesn’t it?

The real question in all of this is: When we know more about the mysterious, race-betraying Founder, will he be more or less like Vader?

The daring rescue of John Young

If you recall, John ended the previous episode of “The Tomorrow People” beaten and in captivity. It obviously wasn’t going to go well for the fellow at ULTRA. And it does not. The Founder personally oversees John’s interrogation/beating — which makes sense, considering that Jedikiah is more than a little conflicted when it comes to his one-time protege.

It turns out that the Founder is right about all of this. Jedikiah slips John a key and then sends Stephen in to complete the ruse that John escaped on his own.

While feelings for John do play a part in all of this, most of the motivation on Jedikiah’s part is his lady friend, Morgan. Cara and Russell have managed to track down the woman and kidnap her. Their idea is to hold and threaten Morgan until John gets his release.

Jedikiah has a heart? Who knew?

Of course, this whole plan makes it impossible for Morgan to remain a secret — either as a Tomorrow Person or as Jedikiah’s girlfriend. Jedikiah fakes the woman’s death and then sends her down to the subway for a new life in the Underground.

What’s Mom hiding?

Growing increasingly frustrated about finding his father and getting back to that Limbo place, Stephen breaks down and asks his mother for information about Roger — and about Thanatos. Mom seems to recognize the Greek word but gets all defensive and merely insists that Stephen get over his Deadbeat Dad.

But Stephen persists, as teenagers are wont to do when on the trail of dead-or-maybe-not relatives. His mother eventually caves and hands over a box of Thanatos research. Included in the box are old videos in which Roger and Dr. Aldus Crick eat donuts and do some Limbo experiments.

Eventually, Roger gets frustrated with failure and insists on doing things another way. That way involves stopping time at the moment of death. Did Roger manage this back when John killed him? Is he still out there?

Crick isn’t much help. But that’s largely because the Founder kills him, so we can’t blame the guy too much.

Dead, not-dead … Pizza!

The death theme continues (as one would expect in an episode titled, “Death’s Door”). Stephen finds out about how John shot Roger but gets over it surprisingly well. It helps to believe your Dad is still alive. Cara doesn’t take the news quite as well, but even she is somewhat forgiving of this latest lie.

Then Stephen throws a pizza party for Astrid and the Tomorrow People. Mom is really pleased about this — her boy is actually making friends! — but that’s because she doesn’t realize that this is Stephen’s “I’m going to die, at least for a little while” party. She wouldn’t be too thrilled to know the theme.

But at least everyone has some fun. We even get a possible peek at a future flirtation when Astrid spots John and practically starts drooling.

Party over, it’s time for Stephen to die. The plan is for John to inject Stephen with stuff to kill him, and then they’ll use another drug to bring him back before there’s brain damage. Things don’t go quite according to plan — for a minute, they can’t revive Stephen at all.

Stephen does, however, wake up. He has news too:

“I saw him. I have to find my dad’s body!”

How does that work after six years exactly? Fans will have to wait until after the hiatus to find out.

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