the tomorrow people thantos roger price death recap cw 'The Tomorrow People' recap: Kidnapping, Dr. Death and John's lies in 'Thanatos'

Everyone was very busy in the “Tomorrow People” episode, “Thanatos.” Kidnapping, murder, revelations, British professors with weird mushroom tea and even a “Matrix”-style brain machine were all part of the fun.

It’s just too bad it all ended so poorly for just about all of the good guys.

Worst. Idea. Ever.

Stephen is still all worked up — and rightly so — about seeing his maybe-dead father and learning the word, “Thanatos,” from him. Everyone else is a bit skeptical of this — and rightly so — since Stephen was having a near-death experience himself at the time.

But these crazy genetically evolved kids will do anything for Stephen, so Cara and Russell concoct what may be the worst plan in “Tomorrow People” history: They decide to break into Jedikiah’s house and pick his brain while the man is asleep.

Nothing could go wrong, right?

Yeah … Unfortunately, Jedikiah isn’t a sound enough sleeper and wakes up mid-brain scan. Cara gets away, but Russell is stuck fighting Dr. Price until he can turn off the power suppressor and teleport away.

It’s just too bad that Dr. Jedikiah Price hitches along for the ride.

Thanatos: Just another name for an odd former professor

With Jedikiah stuck in the subway tunnels, Cara and John decide to make the best of an awful situation and interrogate their captive about this mysterious “Thanatos.” Jedikiah sticks to sarcastic wit for awhile in order to resist the questioning, but soon the Tomorrow People find the man’s weak spot.

That would be Jedikiah’s secret girlfriend, Morgan. When she’s threatened, Dr. Price quickly reveals that Thanatos is actually a nickname. The Greek word for “death,” that’s what he and Roger called a colleague named Dr. Aldus Crick. Crick’s experiments had turned out to be so dangerous, that he went by “Dr. Death,” aka Thanatos.

John, Stephen and Irene (because she knows physics and stuff) track down this Dr. Crick to Maine, where they get a possible explanation for Roger Price’s whereabouts. Back in the day, Crick and Roger had a theory that stopping time mid-teleport would transport one to an in-between plane they called Limbo.

That might just be where Stephen saw his dad!

In case you were wondering, this Dr. Death is played by the actor, Nicholas Young. Young played the character of John back in the original, 1970s version of “The Tomorrow People.” He may look older, but he sounds exactly the same as he did on the old show!

Also, he’ll be back.

Interview: Nicholas Young talks about his return to “The Tomorrow People”

Meanwhile back in the “Matrix” at ULTRA

Jedikiah’s kidnapping is kind of a big deal to ULTRA. Dr. Price is, after all, the head of the nefarious group’s operations and not someone that ought to disappear. This even is such a big deal, in fact, that The Founder — that secretive telepath Stephen semi-met before — shows up with his gang of jacked-in mind readers.

The idea is that these specialists can track Jedikiah’s brainwaves and find him that way. It’s all very creepy.

Things get even creepier when one of the telepaths irritates the Founder and gets unplugged as a result. Unplugging seems to equal instant death here, so this is really nasty. Then the Founder plugs in himself and proceeds to track Jedikiah more effectively.

The whole thing is very reminiscent of “The Matrix.”

Flashbacks: The key to everything

Throughout the episode, flashback scenes illuminate a little more of the past relationship between Jedikiah and John. While there are several important tidbits along the way, the most important fact is this: John Young is a lying liar who lies.

John’s lies include:

  • It turns out that John was the first Tomorrow Person to survive turning into a killer — not his buddy as everyone had previously stated.
  • John did not immediately leave ULTRA after getting his kill-switch turned on. 
  • He only left after being sent to kill Roger Price.
  • All of this means that John a) killed Stephen’s dad (who may not really be dead, but that’s not important here), and b) he’s been lying to the other Tomorrow People about the man being alive and just “missing.”

No wonder Jedikiah thinks he can manipulate John!

Actually, this is very true. John teleports Jedikiah up to street-level but fails to shoot the bad Dr. Price to death. This quickly results in an ULTRA squad showing up — John is beaten and taken captive by the goons.

Bad things are sure to follow.

A few lingering questions …

  • What exactly were the experiments performed by Dr. Crick? Who did he kill?
  • Is Roger alive? If so, how did he get away from John and his gun?
  • Will Jedikiah believe that the Tomorrow People found an antidote for the de-powering process or is Stephen really screwed?
  • When Roger was dying, he implored John to “Find my son!” Is this meant to imply that Roger only has one son — Stephen — or is it awkward dialogue that still allows the younger brother to be in the family?

“The Tomorrow People” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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