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In the “Tomorrow People” episode, “Sorry for Your Loss,” Russell plays piano as a window into his past, a new breakout brings death, Jedikiah gets some action, and Cara introduces Stephen to telesex.

It was a busy episode.

Play it again, Russell

In the flashback portion of “Sorry for Your Loss,” the audience sees Russell as a slightly younger man chafing under the dictates of an overbearing father. This past-times Russell is also a highly accomplished piano player, even if the keys sometimes move on their own.

But Russell isn’t happy — his father’s desire for perfection has cost him his childhood. Thus, Russell uses his new powers to win at casinos. When enough has been earned, Russell throws both the money and his resentment into his father’s face.

Dad is shocked, to say the least. But he doesn’t exactly have time to process everything before some casino thugs break in to deliver some payback and collect their lost money. While Russell hides in a closet (the thugs aren’t exactly hide-and-seek geniuses), his father endures a hammered hand without giving away the son’s hiding place.

A short time later, Russell gives his final performance to thunderous applause. He ends with a sad wave to his father across the stage. And then Russell disappears.

Road trip!

All of this suddenly matters in the present-day because Russell’s dad has died of a heart attack out in Portland. Despite the troubled past, Russell feels that he needs to attend the funeral.

But with all of the threats lately, John isn’t OK with Russell traveling alone. He goes along too, only partially to avoid Cara’s anger.

The boys’ road trip actually starts out pretty well. John apparently has an array of shipping containers across the country, each with basic accommodations inside. At a container near Akron, Ohio, the guys even bond a little.

That’s before Russell’s pain leads him to get drunk, play “magic” darts and embroil John in a bar brawl. When John hits an off-duty cop, the two end up cuffed. It’s only because John knows how to play the sympathy card that the two make it to the funeral at all.

Russell and John finally make it home, where Russell gets to hug his mommy one more time. Then he plays a sad tune on the piano to honor the dead.

Everyone has a past — even Darcy

Stephen’s by-the-books partner, Darcy, gets a blast from the past when her baby sister, Piper, shows up in town for some evolutionarily advanced pool hustling. This sets both ULTRA and the duo of Stephen and Cara out to find Piper and bring her in.

When the Tomorrow People figure out the relationship between the sisters, they decide to trust Darcy to do right by her family. It may not be such a good idea — mere minutes after Darcy and Piper are reunited, a kill squad arrives to take Piper into custody.

But Darcy is conflicted when it comes to her sister’s fate. In the end, she decides not to turn the teen over to ULTRA and even stalls the goons while Stephen and Piper make their escape.

This doesn’t end well for Darcy though. As her ruse swiftly disintegrates, Darcy takes about a million bullets to the chest and collapses to the ground. And just when she was starting to be likable too!

Stephen and Jed get lucky, although not with each other

Jedikiah remains separate from much of the action in this episode. That’s because he’s too busy spying on a woman who turns out to be an unregistered Tomorrow Person named Morgan. How does that work, exactly?

Well, when you’re sleeping with the guy who decides whether or not to cage you, a little teleporting to the bakery is excusable. Jed doesn’t even complain much when his tie loosens telekinetically.

Stephen, meanwhile, has spent most of the episode bonding cutely with Cara. In the process, we learn that a) Stephen has a thing for exotic C-names and b) telepathic sex is better than regular sex.

Alone and finished with their mission, Stephen and Cara start kissing. The kissing grows in intensity until the two need to teleport away for privacy …

… And then Cara pops Stephen’s telecherry.

Posted by:Laurel Brown