the tomorrow people season 2 renew cancel poll cw 'The Tomorrow People' Season 2: Renew or cancel the CW series?

“The Tomorrow People” Season 1 finale aired Monday (May 5), bringing to an end the initial run of the science-fiction series about paranormal, evolved humans fighting for survival. But the show hasn’t been renewed for a Season 2 on The CW. The question therefore becomes: Should “The Tomorrow People” be canceled or renewed?

My personal opinion tends toward renewal, if only for the promise of this odd, oft-intriguing series. Is it a perfect show? No — there are plenty of issues that “The Tomorrow People” has had to work through in its freshman season. The occasional confusing plot and a lack of immediacy during some of the mid-season episodes would be at the top of the list of problems.

Still, “The Tomorrow People” has consistently managed to reel viewers back in whenever interest begins to falter. Young and relatively unknown stars Robbie Amell and Luke Mitchell have proven they can create interesting characters. And then there’s Mark Pellegrino in the morally ambiguous role of Dr. Jedikiah Price — audiences are familiar with the actor, but this is one of the first series that has given Pellegrino a chance to shine episode-after-episode.

What might come in Season 2? According to showrunner Phil Klemmer, the world of “The Tomorrow People” might turn upside down, and the paranormals will be coming out of the subway and into the real world.

The CW may have a crowded and busy schedule in the fall with several returning series already confirmed and a strong roster of pilots in contention, but should the network make room for “The Tomorrow People” too?

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Posted by:Laurel Brown