“The Tomorrow People” hasn’t debuted on The CW yet, but there is plenty of news out there for anyone who wants to look. Alternatively, it can all be found right here. Not only has the show cast a new character, played by Meta Golding (“The Hunger Games”), but there are two videos to introduce you to the world.

Extended preview

In the extended preview for “The Tomorrow People,” the audience gets a good look at the world inhabited by Stephen Jamison (Robbie Amell). He wakes up in the wrong bed (with the wrong people). There are voices talking in his head. Math classes don’t go well when those voices won’t shut up.

Then, Stephen finds out he’s a Tomorrow Person, capable of retrieving toothbrushes without bending over. He can also do other cool and paranormal things. By the way, make note of Stephen’s reaction when he tries to crush the bully’s throat — it’s important.

Meet Russell

One of the Tomorrow People hanging out in the sewers and looking for Stephen is a guy named Russell. In the next video, the actor behind Russell, Aaron Yoo, introduces himself to the world.

If you had thought all of the super-powered people on this show were entirely moral, you were wrong. Russell at least tends to steal things and wants to live the good life. He should be an interesting aspect to the show.

Stephen gets a partner

There is one piece of important casting following the pilot episode of “The Tomorrow People.” Meta Golding will play Stephen’s new partner, according to a report from Deadline. Why does Stephen need a partner? To explain that at any length would actually be a pretty major spoiler, so it will have to remain a mystery for now.

Posted by:Laurel Brown