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Lots of teens have awful after-school jobs. But Stephen Jameson’s new job in “The Tomorrow People” may actually be deadly. The second episode, “In Too Deep” shows just how dangerous Ultra and Dr. Jedekiah Price can be.

Will the job prove deadly to Stephen and his new Tomorrow People friends? Find out in this recap.

Stephen’s day

Like most teenagers, Stephen has to be woken up by his mother to make it to school on time. Unlike those teenagers, however, Stephen can ditch is brother and teleport into the school’s janitorial closet. And then there’s the after-school job at Ultra, where Stephen teleports all over, lifts weights with his brain and so on.

It’s kind of cool to work with your uncle, isn’t it?

On the other hand, Jedekiah points out that part of the job is rounding up rogue Tomorrow People. What they do next is left vague.

Stephen’s next stop is the underground lair of the Tomorrow People, where it turns out that pretty much no one is happy to see him. You see, Ultra has people who can totally read Stephen’s mind, so any contact with the rebels is a big danger.

This makes Stephen very sad.

The teen’s day gets even worse when he gets home — super late — to find everyone annoyed with him. His mom thinks Stephen is acting like his dad before him, flushing anti-psychotic pills and shirking responsibilities. Astrid just knows that Stephen blew off their hang-out night.

And you thought your day-to-day life sucked as a teenager?

Criminal activity

One of those rogue mutants that Jedikiah hates so much happens to be robbing a bank toward the beginning of this episode. The teenager’s name is Kurt, and he seems to find it fun to force security guards and others to do his bidding.

Unfortunately, Ultra is quickly looking for the kid and the Tomorrow People can’t convince him that they’re not dangerous to him.

This puts Kurt in way more danger than he expected. Once Ultra gets the kid’s scent, Stephen and his new senior partner, a Tomorrow Person named Vaughn, get sent out to find Kurt. They succeed in their mission, but Stephen gets a rude shock when locating Kurt calls in a veritable SWAT team of (human — remember, Tomorrow People can’t kill) Ultra employees.

Although the big guns miss this time, Stephen now knows that Ultra is playing for keeps.

“We are not superheroes”

All of this is bad news for young Kurt. Now that Ultra is looking for the kid, John and the other Tomorrow People think it’s too dangerous to go after their newest potential recruit. Stephen objects to this, but John — who is totally on the verge of losing Cara to the new guy — doesn’t much care.

Not that Cara agrees. In addition to telling John to change his mind, the young woman steals a fancy, D-chip enabled wristwatch of John’s that can block someone from telepathically trolling your brain. She gives it to Stephen so that everyone can stay safe.

But Stephen has other problems. He manages to track down Kurt, mostly because Stephen identifies with the younger boy so closely. It’s just too bad that Vaughn is good at his job and shows up to tranquilize Kurt just as Stephen is about to build a real connection.

A rather cool through-the-walls chase scene follows, ending with Kurt telepathically shoving Stephen off the roof.

Enter the semi-superheroes

Stephen does not die here, obviously. They don’t typically kill off the lead character in the second episode, after all. Instead, John teleports in just in time to haul his frenemy to safety.

Meanwhile, Cara finds Kurt and tries to convince the boy that she’s just there to help him.
Cara also punches the kid unconscious, so he can maybe be forgiven for earlier suspicions.

Whatever. The day has been saved. What are a few bruises compared to that?

You don’t quit Ultra …

Kurt is actually a lot safer than Stephen at this point. That’s because Uncle Jedikiah is really annoyed that Vaughn let Stephen let Kurt get away. When the basics are out of the way, Vaughn gets sent off for a private reprimand, leaving Steven to have a private chat with his uncle.

Jedikiah informs Stephen that it’s time for his real debriefing at the hands of a hardcore telepath. This doesn’t worry Stephen, because he’s got his special watch. But then Jedikiah notices that timepiece and identifies it as Stephen’s dad’s. Oh, and Jedikiah totally knows about the D-chip inside. Stephen has to go into the debriefing all on his own.

Fortunately, with an assist from Cara, Stephen keeps his secrets hidden. Instead, the telepathic interrogator gets nothing more than images of the terrible night when Dad left home for good.

“Failure will not be tolerated.”

Although Stephen made it through the debriefing with flying colors, the danger has not yet passed. Mean, scary Jedikiah is still very much a threat. We know this because:

a) It turns out that Jedikiah has people that even he must answer to.

b) Vaughn’s failure to keep Stephen in line didn’t end well for the senior agent. In fact, it ended with Vaughn dead in an Ultra lab.

c) Jedikiah totally suspects that Stephen is still in contact with John and his Tomorrow People. This whole thing may be a trap.

It’s not, however, a trap that Stephen can get out of. Jedikiah won’t let him go, and John has decided that Stephen as a double agent is everyone’s best bet. At least John gives Stephen the watch as a present. That’s much nicer than killing someone to teach a lesson.

But it doesn’t look like Stephen’s days are going to get easier any time soon.

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