the tomorrow people robbie amell mark pellegrino interview cw 'The Tomorrow People' video: Robbie Amell and Mark Pellegrino talk Stephen and Jedikiah

Now that “The Tomorrow People” has premiered, the questions move on to what will happen next on The CW’s new supernatural series. Stars Robbie Amell and Mark Pellegrino have some answers in these video interviews from the show’s Vancouver set.

First up is Amell, who plays the lead role of Stephen Jameson .

The information comes best from the pretty mouth of Amell himself, but if you need a summary, here are the important things to know.

  • Stephen has only just found out about his (considerable) powers at the end of the premiere. Going forward, the young man has to get control of what he can do — before he gets beat up too much.
  • The relationship with Dr. Jedikiah Price (Pellegrino) may affect Stephen in some rather important ways. Jedikiah is very persuasive, after all.
  • It will be very tough on Stephen to balance his loyalties to the Tomorrow People with the act of staying alive at the hands of ULTRA.
  • That message from Stephen’s supposedly dead father may prove to be important — at least in determining who Stephen can trust.
  • Want some lightheartedness and fun? You will probably get that from the relationship between Stephen and Astrid (Madeleine Mantock).

Moving on from Stephen and Robbie Amell, find out what “The Tomorrow People”s villain, Jedikiah, has to say in this interview with Mark Pellegrino.

Important information from Pellegrino’s short answers:

  • The relationship between Jedikiah and his brother (Stephen’s father) will be explored over time. Price’s personal life in other areas is important over the course of the show as well.
  • Will Stephen and Jedikiah grow fond of each other? They are family, after all. 
  • Jedikiah Price only works as a villain because the man believes, deep down inside, that he is right and just. If that sense of justice were challenged, however, things would get complicated.

“The Tomorrow People” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

Posted by:Laurel Brown