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“The Tomorrow People” is on a wild ride heading into the final episodes of Season 1. With changing allegiances and not knowing who to trust, just about anything is possible on the CW series. Zap2it recently talked to Peyton List, the actress who plays Cara, about what is coming next.

Find out just how crazy it’s going to get in this interview.

Zap2it: With everything getting so tense, what can you say about what is coming for Cara and the other characters?
Peyton List: It’s hard to say what’s going on with one specific character — there is so much information! It’s like information overload for every single character. What’s great about where we are in the season is that we have an end date, we have a finale. What they did is they threaded this main storyline through, they planted the seeds maybe halfway through the season.

So once we got to episode 17, it’s just been this domino effect of a storyline. It’s like we’re just hurtling toward where we get to the end. Usually we have like one or two big twists in an episode, but it feels like from episodes 17-18 forward, it’s massive-bombshell overload. It’s crazy.

We explore that more and more with Roger and Jedikiah and the Founder. It’s filling in and exploring what their story was when you met them in the pilot — what was the back story? You’re not seeing so much back story of the Tomorrow People, the people that are in the subway station, because there’s so much happening in the present. We have some Roger and Jedikiah back story which deals with some of the revelations that have been happening. It feels like, from [episode] 19 where we come back on Monday, it’s almost like one long saga. It’s been like a ride for all the actors.

They’re not letting us stop and breathe. It’s crazy.

How is that affecting Cara, and will she be able to choose a side?
She can be very impulsive. She’s very decisive most of the time, but since she became leader, her decision-making has sort of shifted. She is making decisions for all the people she’s responsible for, so you see her be much more cautious than I think she was at the beginning of the season, when she was responsible, but the responsibility really was more on John. Now it’s kind of taking the track where she’s going, “Let’s take all of the information that we have.” Stephen is making decisions more based on instinct, which is much like Cara before. Now she’s going, “Let’s look at what’s on paper here.”

It’s tough, because you’re dealing with these incredibly intelligent men in the Founder and Jedikiah — and master manipulators. So it’s very difficult in these episodes — who do you trust? Do you trust your instincts or do you trust the track record? It’s hard to say. I find that Cara is trying to be cautious and not alienate people who are picking both sides. But she’s kind of going, “Who do you trust when neither is trustworthy?” It’s a tough call, but you see a lot of the characters’ — for lack of a better word, character — and personality when they choose which side to believe. … She does choose a side eventually.

Since we don’t know what’s coming next, how has that been to play?
When we had the script and I read it, I didn’t know who, from the script, was the good one and the bad one. Then you gave it over to the actors, and they just made it even more complicated to believe and hard to trust. It’s like, “What did that mean when he said that like that?” It’s great fun playing that, especially when it was written well. And it could be either/or. It could be either one.

What does all this craziness mean for Cara’s relationships with John and Stephen?
Cara’s settled in a little bit more in the role of leader, and that’s sort of put a lot of the romantic stuff on the back burner. She’s managed to mend her relationship with John, although it’s a different relationship than from before all these problems and things happened and things fell apart. She always has this closeness with Stephen, but there’s even a stronger bond with all of these characters because the stakes have gotten so high. They keep running for their lives, and they’ve bonded together in that camaraderie and being on the same team.

It creates a lot of interesting relationships between the characters. And it strains some of them to the breaking point in ways I didn’t see coming.

The relationships sort of are living in the moment. They’re living in what’s being thrown at them. They’re not really living in the past of what has transpired. Nothing is forgiven and forgotten, per se, but they’re not really dwelling on those things.

“The Tomorrow People” returns Monday (April 14) at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW with episode 19, “Modus Vivendi.”

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