italia ricci robbie amell 7 'The Tomorrow People's' Robbie Amell and 'Chasing Life's' Italia Ricci, off screen couple, 'so happy for each other'

The couple that doesn’t necessarily act together stays together.
At least that’s held true in the case of Robbie Amell — whose series “The Tomorrow People” ends its maiden season Monday (May 5) on The CW — and his longtime girlfriend Italia Ricci, who stars as an aspiring journalist who learns she has cancer in the ABC Family drama “Chasing Life,” premiering Tuesday, June 10.
“We’ve been together for a while, so it wasn’t like we were establishing a relationship while both being crazy-busy,” Ricci tells Zap2it. “We were both so happy for each other that things happened for us at the same time. A lot of times, when one person in the couple is working and the other isn’t, it can create … not tension, but the other person might just be like, ‘Why can’t I work?’
“It was just so awesome that we got lead roles on shows at the same time,” notes Ricci. “Granted, I booked mine about six months before his, and he shot 22 episodes — and they will have all aired before before mine even premieres, which is kind of hilarious.”
Working in different locales also has been a benefit, Canadian native Ricci believes: “He was shooting in Vancouver, and I think that was sort of a blessing. By the time I come home at night (from the ‘Chasing Life’ set in Santa Clarita, Calif.), I don’t have the energy to be a girlfriend.
“I come home, I have a glass of wine, I learn my lines, maybe I’ll watch ‘Shark Tank,’ and I go to bed. We got our weekends together when we could, and he’s done now, so he’s home … but talking about our respective days was pretty fun.”
Posted by:Jay Bobbin