widmore desmond lost0406 320 The Top 10 'Lost' Episodes of All TimeOK, boys and girls, put all the sharp objects away. Why? We’re about to get list happy here as the “Lost” blog draws to a close. Next week, with help from your input, we’ll be finalizing the Top 25 characters, quotes, and moments from the show. In addition, we’ll have one final debate with Rick Porter, one more podcast with not one but TWO special guests, and a “Course Corrections” for “Lost” as a whole. But today? I’m presenting the latest, greatest, and final version of the Top 10 episodes in show history.

A few notes before linking to the gallery itself:

1) If you didn’t like “The End,” you’re going to have a problem with this list.
2) Consequence matters, but not as much as character. Certain episodes, such as “Raised by Another,” fell off my initial list (formulated before Season 4) due to the payoff promised in that episode never coming to fruition. But another episodes are such strong examples of what “Lost” can do at the height of its powers that they remain, even if they involve characters that didn’t factor into the endgame. (And yes, it’s pretty easy to guess which one I’m talking about.)
3) Every season ended up being represented, which wasn’t a conscious choice but a happy outcome nonetheless. Seasons 1 and 3 only get one ep each; the other four get two each. I kind of find this amusing, as Season 3 is my favorite overall season, followed by Season 1. Life’s funny sometimes.
4) Only one season finale made the list. If you’re wondering which one, well, see Note #1.
5) These rankings are not opinions but actual fact. Trying to argue anything other than this is pointless and should not be attempted. This assembly of episodes is solid, set and stone, and no amount of argument on your part will change that fact. So don’t even try.
6) The previous note is of course complete baloney and a test to see how many people actually read entire entries here or simply look for something to complain about before heading to the comments section below. Color me curious to see what ensues. Also, if you’re still reading, hi! Nice to see you. Some weather we’re having these days, eh?
7) Before you think of typing the phrase, “I can’t believe that you forgot…”, note that I didn’t forget anything. I choice this list consciously, and agonizingly. Assuming that I forgot something assumes that I didn’t put a lot of work into this list, which I did. You won’t agree with it, but it wasn’t created through omission through lack of effort on my part. Just personal preference.
8) Episodes that were extremely difficult to leave off the list: “Through the Looking Glass,” “The Substitute,” “Dr. Linus,” “Confirmed Dead,” “One of Us,” and oh, about a dozen others.

With all that said, I present to you the Top 10 “Lost” Episodes of All Time. Read ’em, weep, rejoice, and then come back to share your favorite episodes!

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Posted by:Ryan McGee