jeff fahey lost s6 320 The Top 25 'Lost' QuotesOf all the galleries I’ve compiled at the end of “Lost,” The Top 25 Quotes is perhaps the craziest to try and coerce into a nice, easy, digestible format. Considering the sheer number of options available at my disposal (I’m going to say “between 200 and a bajillion” as a rough estimate), nailing this down is an inexact science at best. But as Yoda would say, there is no try. Only do or do not. And well, I did.

A few quick notes before linking the full gallery…

1) As before, I didn’t try and rank them in order of “worst” to “best.” You can make a solid case for such an arrangement when it comes to episodes, characters, and moments, but quotes are so varied and so subjective that trying to do so is a fool’s errand. So I went for a chronological approach, with quotes ranging from the pilot episode through the series finale.

2) The four overall criteria: a) Would this line work as a short-hand summary of what the show was all about? b) Did it convey a central message about the show? c) Did it mark an epochal moment on a plot or character level? d) Was it damn funny? No quote hit every one of these points, but every quote contains at least one, and usually more than one, of them.

3) Spreading out quotes across characters was important. You could create a Top 25 quote list for about a half dozen characters without including input from anyone else. (Sawyer, Miles, Ben, Hurley, Locke, and Juliet come instantly to mind, and you could make cases for others as well.) But I tried to include as many characters as I could to highlight the deep roster of the show and shine the light as widely as possible.   

4) I think you’ll find that reading over these quotes shows just how much what makes them memorable is the way in which they were delivered. Sawyer’s Season 6 line about the smoke monster being unable to fly over water as “ridiculous” is only a Top 25 quote because of delivery, not actual content. As sharp as the writing often was for the show, these actors took nearly everything on the written page and made it sing.

With all that in mind, I present the Top 25 “Lost” Quotes. Drop some of your personal favorites in the comments below! Coming soon: The Top 25 “Lost” Characters.

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Posted by:Ryan McGee