this week, King Henry’s feelings have shifted far from Queen Anne after learning the fetus had abnormalities.

Edward Seymore, Lady Jane’s brother, is appointed a special and privileged position within the king’s court. They family is then given Mr. Crowwell’s chambers next to the king’s within the castle.

Henry shows his affection to Lady Jane by presenting her with a locket that has his image inside. She swears to treasure it for life. Of course, Anne is angered when she sees it and rips it from Jane’s neck.

Foreign relations get stirred up with the imperial ambassador of France. When a party is given with many other ambassadors in attendance, Anne takes the opportunity to slam the French as liars and hypocrites.

But something deeper is rumbling. Mr. Cromwell leads an investigation about Anne’s infidelities. Ladies-in-waiting are questioned and reveal names. Those reputed lovers are arrested and tortured, including Sir Francis Weston, Henry Norris, William Brereton and Mark Smeaton. Even her own brother, Lord Rochford is accused of sleeping with his sister.

Henry tells Jane to go home with her father instead of staying in the castle. "In this slippery world, you represent everything that is good and uncorrupted."

It doesn’t take long before Anne herself is imprisoned in the Tower of London. Cromwell tells the archbishop he is to make the marriage to Anne Boleyn null and void. Cromwell also reveals to King Henry that Anne may have been with 100 men, the knowledge of which makes Henry sob with anger. He also wonders allowed whether Princess Elizabeth is truly his child.

A festive crowd gathers as Anne’s accused lovers are executed one after another. She wails in her cell when she sees the axe fall on her brother’s neck. In another cell, her father hears her cries, but continues reading a book, showing her no second thought as he feels she has brought this upon them all.

Of all the men sentenced to death, only Henry Percy, a known lover (and possibly former husband) of Anne’s is free. He refers to the bloody days he is witnessing.

Only one episode of this season is left and it will be the bloodiest of all as Anne herself will have her head on the block.

Posted by:Christine Badowski