popularity scale seems to be tipping towards the not-so-much side of things, we have to admit that we still like her unfiltered approach to life.

For example, even after shooting her mouth off about Isaiah Washington's behavior on the "Grey's Anatomy" set and about how the writers didn't give her Emmy-nomination worthy material season-before-last, she still managed to be less-than-gracious about her day job — while there to promote her new movie "The Ugly Truth" — to David Letterman on Monday night.

'The Ugly Truth' premiere red carpet

"Our first day back was Wednesday, and I keep saying because I hope it embarrasses them … a 17-hour day," she blabbed. "I think it's cruel and mean."

Gee, Kat, how many of those hours did you actually spend on set?

Even when talking about Izzie's fate she managed to be snide: "You last saw Izzie, you know, flat-lining. So, I won't give it away but, you know, I'm there so I'm either there as a ghost, on the other side or I survived a disease no one survives."

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Since no one reacted too favorably to the Denny he's-not-a-ghost-but-he-kind-of-is storyline, we doubt the show will go the route of the former option.

Still, she grouses, "What if, however, Dave, I was in bed in a coma for 17 hours. They could do that to me."

Of course, having to spend 17 hours laying in bed with your eyes closed doesn't exactly sound like the worst way to collect a paycheck either.

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