tvd gallery trio 'The Vampire Diaries' serial killer revealed! What do you think of this awful turn of events?Okay, “Vampire Diaries” fans, this is your final warning. If you haven’t seen tonight’s super-twisty episode, “1912,” stop reading this article right now. Seriously, you don’t want to read about this reveal. You want to watch it in unfold on screen in all of its devastating, heart-clenching glory. There will be massive, massive spoilers from this point on in the article.

So go away. Seriously. Are you gone yet?


Now that we’re among friends — how about that Alaric Saltzman, huh?! This season, Alaric has been given particular attention by the writers, developing into a true confidante and guardian figure for Elena, Jeremy, and at times even Bonnie. His strength of character has been tested as he’s wrestled with Damon’s morality issues, and he’s taken new responsibility by joining the Founder’s Council.

Yet, over the last few weeks, he’s also been murdering citizens of the town. He killed Meredith’s not-so-friendly ex-boyfriend, Caroline’s father, and in a particularly horrifying twist, he nearly killed himself.

tvd torrey mer fell alaric 'The Vampire Diaries' serial killer revealed! What do you think of this awful turn of events?Only “Vampire Diaries” could use evidence from 1912 to solve a present-day case. When Elena and, separately, the Salvatores began to research town history, they discovered that a similar string of murders had occurred a century ago. The only factor linking the two was the Gilbert ring that Alaric and Jeremy wear now.

We literally gasped when we realized what had happened — and we’ve got so many questions about that ring. Does it possess its wearer? Or does it simply magnify whatever dark side its wearer already has? Do the deaths, if caused by the ring, count as “supernatural” deaths? If Alaric takes off the ring, will he be cured of his violent blackouts, or has the damage to his brain already been done? In short — is he fixable?

What comes next for the Saltzman-Gilbert-quasi-family-unit will certainly change the course of their lives irrevocably. Will the usually incompetent Mystic Falls cops put the pieces together? Will Alaric be able to continue teaching at the high school, knowing his own capabilities? Most importantly, what steps will Elena take to get Jeremy’s ring away from him?

On Tuesday, news broke that Matt Davis has been cast in a lead role on “Cult,” another CW pilot which may be picked up for next season. While sources suggest that Davis’ contract will leave room for return appearances to “TVD,” we have to speculate that Alaric may not be long for this world given his possibly deteriorating mental health.

Get your speculation on in the comments section below. What do you think of this twist? Keep an eye on Zap2it for our usual “Vampire Diaries” recap in a few hours.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie