stefan damon tvd 1912 'The Vampire Diaries' does '1912': Five things to expect (without ruining the fun!)“Vampire Diaries” fans, if you ever listen to anything we say, listen to this: Do your best not to get spoiled for the big twist in Thursday’s upcoming episode, because it’s really freaking awesome. We had the opportunity to watch the episode a little early on Saturday night at PaleyFest’s “Vampire Diaries” night, so we’ll offer you a few teases, but we promise not to give anything away that might ruin your fun. (Or ours, when we watch out for your reactions on Twitter.)

As you already know, the episode takes us back to 1912, when Damon and Stefan return to Mystic Falls for a funeral, after nearly half a century away from their home. Here are a few other little tidbits we can tell you.

1. Alaric wakes up in jail after his encounter with Meredith and her gun. (Come on, you didn’t think he’d get killed off yet, right? It’s not even May sweeps.) He’s healed from the wound she left in his chest, and Sheriff Forbes has some major questions for him.

2. Matt and Elena, teen detective team extraordinaire, get stuck in a closet together. In fact, this episode has a ton of great Matt-and-Elena bonding moments. He finally asks her what Stefan had that he didn’t, back in early Season 1, and her answer to that question is completely unexpected and refreshing.

3. We’ll meet Sage, the vampire who was essentially Damon’s “Lexi,” teaching him the ways of the vampire world in 1912. But you knew that. What you’ll also discover is her surprising connection to the Original Family, which adds an interesting twist to any future involvement in present-day Mystic Falls. (And makes us re-think the photo of her crying from “A Murder of One.”)

4. Damon and Stefan spend nearly the entire episode together — today and in 1912. In the present day, the boys get together for a some brotherly bonding (read: day drinking) but their fun is cut short as Stefan grows more agitated, “freaking out” from his blood withdrawal symptoms. Additionally, Elena pays them a visit at a rather inopportune time, which could change their relationships a bit moving forward. Back in 1912, we see a tipping point between them that explains why Stefan and Damon had nothing to do with each other in the ’20s. Every time we think we have the Salvatores’ relationship issues figured out…

5. You will find out the identity of that serial killer that’s been on a council rampage this season, once and for all.

As for what you won’t see: Bonnie, Caroline, and Klaus aren’t in this episode. (Neither are Jeremy or Tyler, obviously.) Bonnie and Caroline are helping Abby through her transition, and Klaus is probably off drawing pictures of farm animals.

We promise that there’s so much to love, though. So much. This was by far one of our favorite episodes ever. Get your speculation on in the comments! Our lips are now sealed until Thursday night at 9 p.m. EST.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie