damon elena finale 'The Vampire Diaries': Does Damon deserve Elena's trust?We can’t stop thinking about “The Vampire Diaries.” After last week’s episode, when we finally learned the secret of Klaus’ curse, we’ve been obsessively theorizing (and holding candlelight vigils in the hopes that he won’t kill off our favorite characters).

At first, we didn’t understand Damon’s frustration at the end of the episode, when Elena returned to the Salvatore house with Elijah, having invited him in. Damon was so upset that he lashed out violently at his girlfriend.

While we may be getting a little bit tired of his emotional meltdowns, we can understand where he was coming on this one. It’s taken Damon two seasons to earn a shred of trust from Elena, and even now, she barely lets him see that. But Elijah’s back in her good graces after one heart-to-heart?

In this clip from Thursday’s upcoming episode, “The Last Day,” Stefan and Damon debate Elena’s character judgment. (At least they don’t come to blows this time.)

Stefan, without a plan of his own, has chosen to support Elena’s decisions — and seeing as it’s her life that’s in danger, he may be right. Damon, however, is so terrified of losing her that he’s resorting to more desperate methods of saving her life. And also drinking. Lots of drinking.

What do you think, vamp fans? Should Elena trust Elijah or go with Damon’s plan? Watch the clip then vote in our poll.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie