tvd 410 rebekah stefan 'The Vampire Diaries': Does Stefan still have hope to get Elena back?This week’s episode of “The Vampire Diaries” certainly wasn’t any fun for Stefan. A little compulsion and a ruthless game of truth-or-dare revealed that while Elena still loves him, she’s no longer in love with him — she’s in love with Damon, and at least as far as her own feelings right now, it’s unrelated to the sire bond.

The revelations were so heartbreaking for Stefan that he begged Rebekah to Eternal Sunshine his love for Elena right out of his mind. Of course, Rebekah isn’t the type to hand out free psychic painkillers — she’d rather watch Stefan writhe around in his agony. He’s not just going to sit at home and mope, though. With nowhere else to turn, Stefan and Rebekah teamed up in their efforts to find the cure. We know why Rebekah wants the cure — to weaken Klaus.

But why does Stefan want it? Is it because, even after everything he just learned, he still has hope that curing Elena will make her fall back in love with him?

In next week’s episode, Rebekah looks for the answer to that very question… by reading Stefan’s diary. This new webclip is revealing (though not revealing enough, since Stefan keeps that darn towel over his shirtlessness the whole time). It looks like these two reluctant allies are getting awfully comfortable together. Stefan says he’s “done” with Elena, but if she goes back to being a human, will that still stand?

By the way, Rebekah’s not kidding about Kol being scared of Silas, the immortal ancient guy who has apparently been buried alive for centuries upon centuries. Kol is so determined to keep the gang from digging up Silas, he takes out all the vampires that Jeremy is supposed to kill — meaning, he’s preventing Jeremy from completing his map. Meanwhile, Klaus will stop at nothing to keep Jeremy engaged… he even threatens Matt. Matt.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie