tvd hybrid clip damon elena 'The Vampire Diaries': Elena holds out hope for Stefan, Damon doesn'tLast week, “The Vampire Diaries” premiere centered around Elena’s 18th birthday, when everyone did their best to treat her with kid gloves. Now that the party’s over, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) is done sugarcoating things for her.

“Busy day, you know? Dead fake girlfriend and all,” he tells Elena (Nina Dobrev) in a brand new clip from Thursday’s episode, “The Hybrid.” “Happy birthday, Elena! Stefan killed Andie.” At this point, Damon has lost all hope of saving his brother. We watch him tear down his research and toss it into the fireplace.

Elena, on the other hand, is holding out hope. That emotional phone call from Stefan — you know, the one in which he didn’t speak a word — has her convinced that he’s still got a glimmer of humanity.

The clip shows us once again that Damon and Elena have grown closer over the summer. As we saw in the premiere, she’s comfortable strolling on into his bedroom, and she expects him to share things with her — like Andie’s death — so that she can help him deal.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie