tvd ian atl vid 'The Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder: Is Elena Damon's last hope for happiness?In tonight’s episode of “The Vampire Diaries,” there’s a moment where Stefan and Damon quietly acknowledge the likelihood that Katherine may have been killed by Klaus. While neither Salvatore brother appear to be in mourning, there is a moment where the viewer can’t help but wonder whether they’ll miss her.

When we caught up with Ian Somerhalder on set last month, we had just watched “The House Guest,” in which Katherine throws herself at Damon and he rejects her outright. “That was pretty difficult physically,” he says. “I don’t think that was an easy thing, except it gave him this one really interesting upper hand that I think was good for him.”

No matter how much Klaus tortures Katherine, we can’t trust her to be on Elena’s side. “She’s still a bitch,” Somerhalder says wryly, and he seems pretty confident when he assures us that Damon will never be swayed by Katherine’s many charms again.

“I really don’t think that’s the case. It’s the sort of ‘fool me once’ thing. As much ego as we all have, I think… old habits die hard, and she is hotter than Texas asphalt. She’s a hell of a habit, but he’s gone to rehab. That methadone worked, so he’s in KA, Katherine Anonymous.”

This season, Damon has regressed a bit to a darker side – he’s no longer on “The Stefan Diet,” instead opting for the much more visceral act of drinking human blood from the source. Somerhalder says Damon has embraced the reasoning behind his dark side. “There’s only so much that you can hold in until it explodes,” he says. “When he feeds on somebody, there’s an emotional purging. He’s feeding and it’s like when we go have an amazing meal and drink a bottle of wine, or when you have an argument with someone and you get that off your chest. Damon doesn’t have that outlet. He told Elena he wouldn’t feed anymore, so he didn’t have that outlet. The pressure is building and building, and there’s a valve, and it just flips.”

It’s not as if Damon’s had an easy go of it. “Being in love with two people at the same time that don’t love you and look exactly alike, I think it’s just building up to this place where this poor guy snaps,” Somerhalder explains.

Though it’s clear that Damon is head over heels in love with Elena, she’s showed few signs of reciprocating his feelings in this rather lopsided love triangle. We had to ask Somerhalder how much he thinks Damon can take before he tries to move on.

“We’re all forced to move on at some point. People lose their entire families in horrific events, and they still find it in them to go on,” Somerhalder says. Damon has probably had about enough of life’s little tragedies, though — and Elena may be his last hope for any kind of happiness.

“If it doesn’t happen for Damon with Elena – I think it’s going to be a slow roast, but I would imagine if that doesn’t work out, he’d probably just take his ring off. I don’t think it would be worth it anymore.”

Klaus’ arrival is going to force Damon to reevaluate his relationship with Elena and with his brother. In tonight’s episode, we’ll see just how Stefan and Damon differ in terms of their strategies for saving the woman that they both love. Before long, the relationship they’ve worked hard to rebuild may be in tatters.

Somerhalder likes it that way. “Damon and Stefan getting along is not a good idea,” he says. “When Stefan and Damon are getting along, it’s generally for Elena’s sake, obviously. I think the question is really what that wedge [between them] is going to be. If and when Damon decides to be a little more vocal about his feelings, then I think Stefan’s going to take issue with that. They’re going to be forced to confront that.”

Watch our video interview below for much more from Ian on Damon’s relationship with Andie, the “Bosom Buddies” scene he’d like to see from Stefan and Damon — and to meet the little friend that lands on his shirt during our chat. Seriously.

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