tvd somerhalder vid 'The Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder: 'There's big everything in Damon's bedroom'On last week’s episode of “The Vampire Diaries,” Stefan (Paul Wesley) got stuck in the church tomb with Katherine (Nina Dobrev) after an instinctive move to save Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) from becoming her personal blood fountain.

Damon (Ian Somerhalder) promised to get Stefan out of there – but Katherine doubts he’s sincere. She warns Stefan that asking Damon to keep an eye on Elena may have been a huge mistake.

So what is Damon’s priority – saving his brother, or moving in on his brother’s girlfriend? I sat down with Somerhalder on the set in Atlanta to find out just where Damon’s head is now that Stefan is temporarily out of the picture.

“Katherine has a point,” Somerhalder admits. “She’s a total bitch, but she definitely has a point. And by virtue of that point, which is basically ‘hey, you just gave him what he’s always wanted,’ the thing is, though… Damon genuinely wants to get his brother out of the tomb.”

Brotherly love trumps girlfriend-stealing, even for Damon Salvatore. Over the last season and a half, Damon has come to the rather reluctant conclusion that he needs his brother. “I think that without him, it poses a major problem. Yes, of course he doesn’t have Stefan to contend with for Elena, but from my perspective he’s done so much sh** to Elena that it’s going to be a very uphill battle with that. Right now, it’s about protecting her.”

Of course, Damon isn’t the most consistent character. “Who knows,” Somerhalder adds. “They might write an episode where Damon decides, ‘hey, leave Stefan in there.’ Damon may fight to actually keep him in there.”

I happened to be on set for Somerhalder’s 32nd birthday, which he spent… well, naked. “It’s been amazing. I apparently came into this life in my birthday suit, and I just spent the last four hours in a scene in my birthday suit,” he laughs.

The scenes in question were shower scenes filmed in Damon’s bathroom in the Salvatore mansion. Yes, girls… Damon finally has his own bathroom – and his own bedroom. I got to take a sneak peek of the new sets, and I’ll tell you this – Damon’s bedroom is very different from Stefan’s and represents his character beautifully.

“There’s big everything in there,” Somerhalder teases. “It’s awesome.”

Watch the video below for more from Somerhalder on what it might take for Damon and Elena to hook up, now that he’s told her he loves her, erased her memory of it, and decided to quit pursuing her entirely.

Quick warning – the beginning of the video is pretty shaky, but it gets better. Maybe I was a little unnerved by those blue eyes. Can you blame me?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Will Elena ever pursue Damon? What are you hoping for (or not hoping for) from the shower scenes? How did you celebrate Ian Somerhalder’s birthday?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie