Three more days until “The Vampire Diaries returns with all-new episodes! The CW has whet our appetites with this brand new clip from the April 7 episode, “Know Thy Enemy” — let’s just say we won’t be watching “American Idol” results live this week.

nina dobrev webclip 'The Vampire Diaries': Katherine's master plan in action

As the Salvatore brothers fret over Isobel’s reappearance in Mystic Falls, Katherine continues to manipulate their gameplan. Could she possibly be a little bit afraid of Isobel? 
“It’s better that she and John not know that I stayed in town after I got out of the tomb,” she says. “I know that I want Klaus dead, which puts me squarely on team you. Besides, if you two ever need me to swap places with Elena again, the less people know that I’m here, the better.”
The woman makes a good point, but on our recent trip to “The Vampire Diaries” set in Atlanta, Nina Dobrev warned us not to trust Katherine. “If Katherine’s ever working with Elena, or seemingly with Elena, there must be an alternate motive,” Nina says. “She’s got a master plan and if she’s helping Elena, it’s to service that master plan somehow.”

Cue the ominous music. We’re dying to see what happens when Isobel and Katherine are in the same room again. 
Posted by:Carina MacKenzie