nina dobrev klta 'The Vampire Diaries': Nina Dobrev speaks Bulgarian and dishes on deathwatchOn a rare day off from filming in Atlanta, “The Vampire Diaries” star Nina Dobrev stopped by the KTLA studio to chat about the show, and give us a little taste of her Bulgarian roots. As we know, Dobrev’s character Katherine will be heading back in time to Bulgaria… but for now, we’ll have to settle for hearing Dobrev’s accent in the video below.

Ian Somerhalder says that Damon is over Katherine, but Nina’s coy about it. “Now that Katherine’s back in town, he’s kind of torn, because she was the original love,” she says.

I love the lesson she’s learned from her various vampire men:  “Bloodsucking will never get old.”

Just like us, the cast of the show is on deathwatch. Luckily, they don’t have to worry about finding out who’s getting killed off in a table-read. “If a big character’s going to die, you’ll get a call first. They would never do that to us. That’d just be mean,” Dobrev says.

I’m so happy that Nina seems to adore both Katherine and Elena, because it’s a challenge to play both. “I have a lot of work on my plate and I do the research and I stay home and study my lines. I really work hard to make these two characters completely different.”

She even talks about the famous Katherine walk. We’ve noticed, Dobrev!

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie