the vampire diaries paleyfest panel 'The Vampire Diaries' PaleyFest panel: Cast and showrunners promise good times ahead for Delena, Stelena ... and even Steroline? There would be so much more scoop to reveal about what’s coming up on “The Vampire Diaries,” if only the fans in attendance at the PaleyFest panel on Saturday (March 22) would have stopped screaming so much. About half of the hour was spent trying to calm the audience down, but all it would take is one word from Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley or Nina Dobrev, and the screams would erupt once more. Seriously, “TVD” fans are a passionate bunch.

In between all the screams, chants and selfie requests (seriously, more of the fan questions were selfie requests than actual questions for the cast and showrunners Julie Plec and Caroline Dries), the panelists were able to drop some hints about the end of Season 5 and beyond. Here are all the scoop tidbits we could hear underneath all the ringing in our ears:

Familiar faces will return

Before the panel began, a clip montage was presented about Katherine’s life and violent death. After that montage, some clips were shown from future episodes, and while we couldn’t hear the audio — the screams were that loud and didn’t stop even for the video — we did spy a familiar face returning to warn Bonnie about shady siblings Luke and Liv: Grams. We’ll also get some more time spent on The Other Side with both Bonnie and Matt, meaning he’ll die at least one more time and will have to make his way back to his body to wake up again.

Hope for Delena

This wouldn’t be a “TVD” panel without talking about one half of the love triangle at the center of the series: Delena. As fans saw in the most recent episode, even when they try to break up, they just end up back in bed together, and that will continue, at least for a little while. “They recognize the elements of the codependency in their relationship,” Plec says. “They need to have legit, adult conversations about it. And if they end up in sex …”

Somerhalder then chimed in: “When you have grown-up conversations, you have to put your big boy pants and big girl pants on and have the conversation. But they keep taking their pants off, and that’s what gets in the way of the grown up conversations.”

And what about that certain worldwide Twitter trending topic that Somerhalder started, the hashtag, “Delena Rain Kiss?” Unfortunately that’s not an actual thing to look forward to on the show, as all of the cast members absolutely hate shooting rain scenes. They may look romantic, but in the cold climate of Atlanta (“Hot-lanta” isn’t an accurate nickname, according to Wesley) it just causes problems. Both Plec and Somerhalder confirmed that a Delena rain kiss isn’t coming. Sorry, Delena fans. At least you still have the sex scenes — without rain — to look forward to, right?

Hope for Stelena

And what about the other half of the central love triangle? Plec and co. reveal that Stelena fans shouldn’t give up on their ship pairing of choice just yet. Even though Dries revealed that “things get even worse for Stefan” in the next few episodes, “there is some really good Stelena stuff coming up. It’s really satisfying.”

Wesley agreed, adding that some Stelena moments that we’ve never seen before occur in his directorial debut episode. “It’s reminiscent of season one,” Wesley says.

Plus, remember that the universe is pushing Stefan and Elena together. Plec reveals that the next few episodes will dig deeper into that mythology, and will even feature Stefan and Elena talking about it with each other.

There’s even some hope for Steroline

Wesley made it quite clear that he’s rooting for platonic best friends Caroline and Stefan to take their relationship to the next step, much to the joy of Steroline shippers in the audience. “I’m friends with Candice [Accola]’s fiance, [and] he might punch me in the face, but other than that, yeah,” Wesley says with a smile.

Plec even hinted that there might be some good Steroline moments in the next few episodes. “She and Stefan have a lot to do together in the next couple episodes, so they go through a lot of stuff together,” Plec says. Plus, Wesley even hinted about an “intimate” scene he shot with Accola just the other night.

But there isn’t hope for Klaroline

Echoing what Joseph Morgan said an hour earlier during “The Originals” PaleyFest panel, Klaus and Caroline are really over for now. Plec says that Caroline is firmly a part of the Mystic Falls world and Klaus has too much going on in New Orleans, so neither will be jumping shows to be with the other. But what if they had stayed on the same show?

“Happiness is not necessarily a drama magnet,” Plec says. “If they were still on the same show, they may have found a way to be together, and then gotten ripped apart. But I feel like Caroline Forbes is such a crucial element on ‘The Vampire Diaries’ as a sparkly personality and to pull her off that show would be very damaging to the show.”

Somerhalder made his opinion on losing Caroline quite clear: “We have Caroline. She’s ours. Caroline’s staying with us!”

If it’s any consolation, Klaroline fans, Plec reminds us that both Klaus and Caroline are eternal creatures and will live for a very long time, meaning Klaus’ claim that he “intends to be [Caroline’s] last” love could still very well come true. But Plec says she won’t be alive to write that final love story when it does happen.

Watch the full panel below:

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