tvd jenna 'The Vampire Diaries' Sara Canning: Will Elijah make Alaric jealous?You’d think you’d take notice if your niece was sleeping with a vampire right under your nose, but “The Vampire Diaries'” sole parental figure, Jenna Sommers, still hasn’t clued into the supernatural war being waged in her living room.

After playing Katherine’s pawn early on in the season, Jenna is finally making some of her own decisions now that John Gilbert has tipped her off to the fact that something is rotten in the state of Denmark. In tonight’s Feb. 17 episode, Jenna attends a dinner party at the Salvatore Boarding House with the rest of the adults on the show… all of whom are lying to her.

Zap2it jumped on the phone with Sara Canning to get the dish on a possible love connection between Jenna and Elijah — and we had to ask when Jenna and Matt (Zach Roerig) would finally catch a break.

Uncle John is back and wreaking havoc as usual. Last week, he dropped this bomb on Jenna about Alaric lying to her, and Jenna seems to be taking it to heart a bit. Is the seed of mistrust going to get worse?

I think that’s safe to say. The thing with John and Jenna is that we’ve kind of seen that they’re kind of always just irking each other. She takes everything he says with a grain of salt, but that’s such an odd thing for him to say. It’s a strange place for him to go, because it’s not just a random hurtful thing to say. Jenna’s really thrown. I don’t think she believes him, right away, because she doesn’t have any reason to, but he definitely kind of kindles that fire. It’s going to really sit with her and we’ll watch her deal with it over the next couple of episodes.

The grown ups are getting together for a dinner party tonight. I’m sure that’ll go smoothly.

It’s fun to have all the adults in one room. The cool thing about tonight’s episode, for me, is that we get to see Jenna hanging out with Elijah a lot. We get to see that interaction, and knowing that there’s been a lot of distrust with Alaric, we’ll kind of watch them meander around in that situation. There’s a hidden motive at the dinner party, but of course Jenna’s in her clueless reality, so the dinner party is going to mean many different things to everybody that is there. Everyone is at that party for a different reason.

Is Alaric jealous of Jenna’s interaction with Elijah in terms of their romantic relationship, or is he just solely concerned for Jenna’s well-being, since Elijah is obviously bad news?

You can read Alaric’s feelings either way. Alaric’s not really aware of the thoughts that are going on in Jenna’s head. What John says about Alaric not being trustworthy immediately calls up Jenna’s past and guys who have lied to her before. She’s right back there again. As humans, we have defense mechanisms, and we’ll see her treat him differently because she doesn’t know what to believe. He could definitely read her helping Elijah out with his “historical writing project” as something more.

Daniel Gillies has been a really fun addition to the cast this season.

He is really awesome. Not only is he really great to work with, but like super professional and just an actor’s actor. He’s fantastic and witty, and just really great to have on set.

Last week we found some skeletons in the Gilbert family closet, and we’re about to learn more from the journals that Elena and Stefan found. Is the Sommers side of the family history going to factor in?

I would love is to find out down the road that they’re going to bring the Sommers side of the family in. I still say we’re going to find out that Jenna is some supernatural creature. She has just as many secrets as the Gilbert family has weapons stashed away in the lake house.  I’m surprised all the time by what happens in this show. They haven’t addressed the Sommers family at all, but they’re going to at some point, I think.

What’s the deal with Andie Star? She just kind of showed up wanting to be introduced to Damon out of the blue. Is she an innocent bystander, or does she have her own agenda here?60936 'The Vampire Diaries' Sara Canning: Will Elijah make Alaric jealous?

That’s a great question because I was wondering the same thing, as she was introduced as a character, I started talking it over with someone. Dawn is super fun to work with and I started saying, ‘What’s your deal?’ No one is introduced on the show without a reason and some kind of greater purpose, so I honestly don’t know, because it hasn’t been addressed. Andie kind of comes in and out over the rest of the season – she’s here for a while, then leaves for a while, then she’s back. It’d be really cool if it turned out she was like, an original vampire, the whole nine yards.

Matt and Jenna are the only two regular characters left standing who still don’t know that they’re literally surrounded by monsters. Will they clue in by the end of this season?

I think so. That is just a feeling, but I think at least one of them. I’m not sure if both of them will, but one. They’re the two characters left grounded in reality, and one of the trademarks of Kevin Williamson is that he really puts a lot into what its like to be growing up in a small town and how relationships can build and how they fall apart. That’s a major part of the show — it’s not just about ancient vampires and who needs which stone more. I think it remains important that we have some aspect of reality maintained in the show. Most of the townsfolk are choosing sides and are completely involved, it’s easy to lose touch with reality.

There have been rumors that we’re going to see an engagement on The CW before the season ends. Could that be Alaric and Jenna?

I think he’d have to clean up his act real quick, with everything that’s going on. ‘On second thought, let’s just get married!’ No, I don’t think so.

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