tvd matt donovan bond 'The Vampire Diaries' scoop: Matt Donovan gets a 'Dawson's Creek' moment, but no actionIt is no secret that when it comes to “The Vampire Diaries,” we are firmly in the Team Matt camp. We love his loyalty. We love that he reacted logically when confronted with the reality that all of his friends are supernatural creatures. We love that Zach Roerig was on “Friday Night Lights” for a while. We love his lack of health insurance and his tendency to shrink his Mystic Grill t-shirts in the laundry.

So when executive producer Julie Plec told us back in September that Matt would probably be getting some love this year, we were pleased. And not just because it probably meant he’d take his shirt off. “Matt has got to get laid this year, for sure. He just needs that. He just needs love. Maybe after Christmas,” she laughed.

julie plec matt shame 'The Vampire Diaries' scoop: Matt Donovan gets a 'Dawson's Creek' moment, but no actionUnfortunately, we checked in with Plec last week, and she had some bad news for us (but she felt pretty bad about it, as you can see from the photo at right, in which she hides her face in deep shame).

“Well, I was right,” she laughed. “Matt does need, maybe, a little action. Unfortunately, I tragically did not deliver that to him this season. And I feel terrible. Now that you brought it up, I feel like I’ve let the world down. I’m sorry, Matt Donovan. One day, I promise. Or — you don’t know! Maybe he’s off camera, getting nookie left and right.”

That’s not to say that there aren’t prospects. We saw a sweet moment between Matt and Rebekah (Claire Holt) at the Original Ball, and that dynamic will be explored again in tonight’s new episode. “They share a nice scene and they bond a little,” Plec says. “Matt has a little bit of an ulterior motive that she’s not aware of, but it actually reminded me, funnily enough, of a wonderful ‘Dawson’s Creek’ moment. Maybe you’ll agree or disagree. There’s a great song, it’s pretty, it’s a nice conversation between the two of them, a very human moment. It made me very nostalgic for the ‘Dawson’s Creek’ days.”

Tune in tonight when new episodes return at 8 p.m. EST.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie