the vampire diaries what lies beneath recap 'The Vampire Diaries' Season 5, episode 20 recap: The cabin in the woods Before we dive into this “The Vampire Diaries” recap, let’s get one thing straight: No one on this show knows how to play Never Have I Ever. It’s the quintessential college drinking game with the most basic of rules. You go around in a circle saying things that you’ve never done, and if someone else has done that, then they drink. See? Simple.

But on Thursday’s (May 1) episode, “What Lies Beneath,” it was pretty clear from the get-go that none of our favorite Mystic Falls vampires know how to play this game. Yes, they clearly don’t spend enough time actually attending college, both classes and otherwise, so maybe they haven’t had enough time to properly experience how to correctly play this drinking game. But it was also established in earlier seasons that Elena, Caroline and Bonnie partied their fair share in high school, so it doesn’t seem entirely plausible that they all don’t know how to play this game.

You may think it’s a small detail, knowing how to correctly play Never Have I Ever, but seeing as how all the secrets about Enzo’s fate came to light during this game, it’s actually quite important. People were saying things they had done, and others were saying things they hadn’t done that were very pointedly aimed at others. It was all just a mess. 

So when did this drinking game get played? Caroline, Stefan, Damon and Elena were all holed up at Caroline’s (late) father’s cabin in the woods while Luke performed a cloaking spell to hide the doppelgangers from the Travelers, and since everyone was in such close quarters, Caroline and Damon could tell that Elena and Stefan were hiding something from them. Seeing as how Elena and Stefan are like the worst liars ever, that was pretty much to be expected. But while Damon correctly assumed whatever they were hiding was about Enzo, Caroline on the other hand immediately assumed that “Team Stelena” was back on. Like, romantically. And the blonde vamp was not happy about it.

That’s right: “Steroline” fans finally got some real hope in this episode. Unlike all other Steroline moments in the past, there were some actual hints in “What Lies Beneath” that Caroline is starting to feel something other than friendship towards Stefan. When she thought that Elena was hooking up with Stefan again, she got angry, and it wasn’t just because she was worried about her friend’s heart. She was jealous! She couldn’t put into words what she was feeling when Elena asked her later why she was so upset over thinking that Stefan and Elena were back together, and they both moved on, not really acknowledging what they both started to realize. Caroline likes Stefan. Steroline is so on, people.

And it’s not just one-sided, either! When Caroline confronted Stefan about why he hid the truth about Enzo from her as well as Damon, he told her that he didn’t want her to think any less of him. This is different from the friends that were there for each other unconditionally just earlier this season. They’re starting to care about how each other views them. How much do you want to bet Stefan and Caroline hook up before this season ends?

Okay, enough about Steroline. Let’s get into the actual meat of this episode, shall we? Back at Traveler headquarters, Tyler got the weirdest wake-up call ever. Some random Traveler chick was kissing his torso while he was chained up. Turns out, the Passenger in his head, Julian, is married, so Tyler played along like he was Julian with his wife to get some vital intel about what the Travelers are planning. Then, he turned into a wolf to escape and warned Damon, Stefan and Luke about the Travelers plan to kill Stefan and Elena for their blood to undo all the magic, so that’s why they head to Caroline’s dad’s cabin in the woods.

While Elena and Stefan hope that Damon will give up and forget about Enzo like he did once before, things start to go very, very wrong at their secluded cabin in the woods (because we’ve all seen how every horror movie starts and ends, right?). Ghost Enzo — along with Grams — realize that since the Other Side is crumbling, they can actually physically move objects in the real world. It’s something that ghosts have never been able to do before. While that worries Grams, it pleases Enzo, since he can now exact his revenge on Stefan and Damon. This leads to a lot of things flying around, things breaking, fires starting, etc. You know, your usual ghostly shenanigans.

Back in Mystic Falls, Tyler wants to get info out of the Passenger in his head, and so he makes Jeremy mix a bottle of one part wolfsbane and one part vervain to keep him weak and to torture himself for the info. Matt brings Julian forth for the interrogation, and he even plays the bad cop! This was just a joy to watch, as messed up as this sounds. Go Matty Blue Eyes!

Julian reveals that Markos destroyed the Traveler-killing knife, and the Travelers are planning to perform a spell making the Passengers permanent. Jeremy and Bonnie go to where Julian said his actual body is, but the Travelers get to it first and complete the spell, making Julian a permanent fixture in Tyler’s head. Is Tyler gone for good? It sure seems like it right now, but it can’t be for good.

After getting the 4-1-1 from Bonnie about how ghosts can move things in real life, Stefan realizes that Enzo is targeting them as a distraction so he can get rid of Luke, meaning the Travelers will be able to find Stefan and Elena. The best kind of revenge is getting someone else to do your dirty work, right? Caroline overhears Stefan telling Bonnie that Enzo’s ghost is targeting them, and Damon then overhears Stefan and Caroline talking, meaning he now knows the truth about his friend. When Enzo almost kills Stefan and Luke, Damon makes a promise in the heat of the moment (literally, the heat, since they were standing in the middle of a fire) that he’ll do whatever it takes to bring Enzo back from the dead. Since Enzo now knows that the Other Side is unstable, he agrees that he doesn’t want to be other there anymore, and he stops attacking them all, holding Damon to his promise. Do you think that Damon can pull this off, or is Enzo doomed?

In regards to his brother keeping his BFF’s death a secret from him, Damon punches Stefan in the face. It was totally deserved. Damon also says that’s all he do or say about it. It’s actually quite impressive that he contained his anger so wel, instead of flying off the handle and killing someone like he would have done in the past. Damon even knows how much he’s grown, since he tells Elena he gets why she kept the truth from him. She thought he would lash out like usual, but he didn’t. He’s keeping it together … because of her.

Yes, this was when “Delena” fans started to cheer. Damon admitted to Elena that he goes nuts when he’s not around her, but he goes nuts when he is around her. Then, he grabs her face and kisses her passionately. When she asks what that was for, he tells her that he had a crappy day and he needed it. But this was more than just a pick-me-up. These two are nowhere near done with each other. But just as Damon walks away and a smile creeps on Elena’s face, the Travelers arrive and Markos kidnaps her and Stefan. No time to dwell on the romance, “TVD” fans, because things are starting to get intense.

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