tvd the originals shipper status 'The Vampire Diaries' shipper update: The cast teases what's coming next for Delena, Stelena, Klaroline, Steroline, Forwood, Beremy, and more

In five seasons and almost 100 episodes, “The Vampire Diaries” has woven a very tangled web of relationships … including ones that have happened, are currently happening, might happen in the future, and ones that probably won’t ever happen (but don’t tell that to the shippers writing fanfic about it).

With all the will-they, won’t-they pairings being shipped on The CW’s supernatural series, Zap2it went on a mission down to the sets of both “The Vampire Diaries” and its spinoff series “The Originals” to get the 4-1-1 on the status of your favorite pairings. How are Stelena, Delena, Forwood, Klaroline, Steroline, Beremy, etc. faring in Season 5? To sum it all up, Candice Accola puts it simply: “At this point I feel like everybody’s made out with each other.”

Delena (Damon and Elena)

Damon and Elena are finally together, but the universe threw them a curve ball when it was revealed that exes Stefan and Elena are fated to be together due to their doppelgänger-ness. “It’s the elephant in the room. When you’re in a relationship and there’s an ex-boyfriend around, the significant other is always like, ‘Hmm, I wonder … ‘ There’s always that insecurity,” Nina Dobrev says. “They might say that it’s okay, but it’s in the back of their mind. It’s the same kind of thing with Elena and Damon. He’s pretending to be okay with it, but he can’t unthink and unknow what he heard and what he knows now. It will always be in the back of his mind so it will always cause a little bit of tension in their relationship moving forward.”

Ian Somerhalder is a bit more casual in how he views Delena’s future. “Girls are meant to be gotten and lost. Just like boys are. It’s sort of the cycle of life,” Somerhalder says. “He is like 155 years older than she is. Talking about some serious cradle robbery. But relationships are hard in life, and relationships are really hard in Mystic Falls. If you don’t have conflict, you have no drama, and if you have no drama, you have no TV show. So, relationships don’t last that long in Mystic Falls, unless clearly you’re a freakin’ doppelganger and the universe draws you two together.”

Executive producer Julie Plec is really happy with how Elena and Damon are handling the “universe” trying to break them up. “I think the beautiful thing about Damon and Elena right now is in spite of what everyone is saying to them, whether it’s in the form of the universe or other people’s two cents about it, they’re like, ‘Hey, look, we know how we feel about each other and we’re going to stick to that. We’re not going to let some prophecy or whatever affect the way that we view our relationship,'” Plec says. “They’re going to have to fight pretty hard to keep that up, but they’re going to give it their best shot.”

Stelena (Stefan and Elena)

Since Elena is now dating Stefan’s brother, don’t expect to see a Stelena romantic reunion anytime soon. “I think their love has faded. It’s dissipated,” Paul Wesley says, despite the universe pulling them together. “It’s kind of like when you go to a fortune teller and they tell you, ‘You’re going to end up with this person.’ And you’re like, ‘Really?’ And you can’t help but in the back of your mind think that the fortune teller might be correct. It’s one of those things, even though you don’t really see yourself with that person. Right now, I think Stefan’s taking some time to himself. He’s 160 years old, so maybe he’s kind of over relationships.”

While there might be scenes and interesting moments with Elena and Stefan, Wesley says it’s the season of Delena.”That triangle’s kind of, to be honest, a bit on the back burner right now,” Wesley says. “I think that that love triangle is not really necessarily a big forefront of what this show has become. It was at one point the only thing really happening.”

Forwood (Caroline and Tyler)

Sorry, Forwood fans: There’s no good news for you here. Both Accola and Michael Trevino are confident that Caroline and Tyler’s break-up is official. “I’ve loved where the writers have taken these characters in their human moments so far in their transition into growing up. I love that Caroline has experienced her first real big break-up,” Accola says. “Tyler was her first true, true love, so she’s heartbroken, but she’s strong and I think she’s just trying to put on a happy face, because she hasn’t been happy. I think she’s trying to find that in herself again when we come into the next episode.”

While some Forwood fans were holding out hope that this was maybe just another break like we’ve seen before, not an official break-up, Accola says that’s not the case. “This time it does seem very final for Caroline and Tyler, and filming the scene was really great. It was written in a way that the words came out of your mouth very easily,” Accola says. “Break-ups are always hard, and I think especially when you’re angry and breaking up with someone, especially when it’s like the fourth time, it feels like you’ve already broken up, you’re kind of almost past emotional, you’re just so angry and you’re so desperate, and you just want to stomp your feet and cry, and you want to control the situation so bad, and you can’t. It seems like this is the one part of her life where she can’t get any control and it’s the only part where she wants to.”

Trevino agrees with Accola that Tyler’s decision to leave in order to exact revenge on Klaus is the final nail in the coffin for Forwood. “As far as I know, that’s a done deal. It’s serious,” Trevino says. “It’s not a, ‘Let’s take a separation here. Let’s break up for a little bit.'”

Klaroline (Klaus and Caroline)

On the flip side of Forwood is Klaroline, the hopeful pairing of Caroline and Klaus. The Klaroline shippers have been thrown for a loop since their pairing isn’t even on the same show now that Klaus is off in New Orleans on “The Originals,” and Accola doesn’t see any romantic reunions for the two happening anytime soon. “Caroline is definitely very aggressively against Klaus. I think if she hears the word Klaus one more time, she might rip her hair out,” Accola says. “And so it’s interesting how their relationship built over the past couple of seasons, because it’s almost like she hated him so much that she didn’t know if she wanted to just grab him by the throat and throw him through a door, or just like kiss him. I think that was the awesome tension that the fans really loved about their chemistry, because you just couldn’t tell — is she gonna smack him or throw her arms around him? What’s going on?”

But with Klaus being the main factor in Tyler and Caroline’s break-up, things aren’t looking so good for Klaus. “I feel like she just hates him, she absolutely hates him, and if he never comes back to Mystic Falls, it’ll be too soon,” Accola says. “All she really wanted, and what I think she still wants, is to be with Tyler. In the next couple episodes, we’re going to see Caroline go through what a girl goes through when she’s broken up with by the love of her life. Whether or not there are other cute boys at college that catch her eye, her trying to figure out what she really wants, that’s really the focus of what’s going on in the next couple episodes.”

So does Accola see Caroline crossing over to
“The Originals” in the future? “I know at this point she will not be heading to New Orleans anytime soon,” Accola says. “I think there are always possibilities. I don’t know where the writers necessarily want to take it. And so she could, but right now she’s really focused on her life at college and just picking up the pieces of her broken heart.”

While there might be negative feelings on Caroline’s side towards Klaus, the original hybrid will always have a special place in his heart for her. “Klaus has always wanted to be with Caroline and he’s made that very clear,” Trevino says. “And his infatuation with her still exists.”

Joseph Morgan also revealed that there won’t be much romance for Klaus in New Orleans with human Cami. “There’s going to be some distance [for them],” Morgan says. “She’s not too pleased with me. And people ask me all the time in interviews, ‘So is there any romantic interest for Klaus coming up, perhaps with, oh I don’t know, Cami?’ Because there’s been this idea that he’s confided in here to a certain extent. He’s writing his memoirs and he really needs a psychiatrist but he’s using her. I’m not sure there would be a future for them because he’s already done some terrible things to her as well. It doesn’t do him any favors.”

Steroline (Stefan and Caroline)

This relationship has been a pleasure to watch as it grew from vampire mentor/student to actual friendship. But do Wesley and Accola think it might grow even more into something romantic? “The writers really like to tease that. They kind of always have that there, but they don’t quite do anything with it, which for me, I’m always a little confused,” Wesley says. “I don’t know if we’re going for it or not, and so when I do scenes with Caroline I’m always like, ‘Am I supposed to be playing this platonic, here?’ I would imagine that they’re going to go into that direction because they keep hinting at that.”

“Or maybe that’s just because Stefan has sexual chemistry with all of the ladies, including Katherine and Elijah,” Wesley jokes.

Accola doesn’t agree, and thinks that friendship is as far as Steroline will go. “Caroline and Stefan have become great friends over the past couple seasons, and even though, maybe from an audience perspective, there’s some great, very easy moments with them together in which they could be looked as ‘chemistry,’ I don’t’ think that the characters in their world see it as that,” Accola says. “To Caroline, Stefan is just a friend and a companion and Elena’s one true love. She wants Elena and Stefan to be together. She does not like Damon. She hates Damon, she thinks Damon is the worst choice for Elena and although she wants her friends to be happy, that’s who down deep in her core, that should be together — Stefan and Elena.”

But Accola won’t rule out that maybe in the future the writers might decide to possibly attempt to go there. “Sure, it’s television. It could go 1,000 different ways. We sit down with the writers and they’ll give us a breakdown of what to expect for our character for the year, and it always changes within two episodes,” Accola says. “So there’s always a possibility. I’ve also found it really interesting with social media these days, the writers have an immediate connection with the viewers and with the fans. Not that they’re necessarily going to write episodes according to exactly what the viewers want, but obviously they know what they want at this point. It’s very clear. I have a feeling that sometimes the writers can be swayed and be inspired by people watching your show.”

Now that Stefan has all his memory back, Accola says viewers will see the Steroline friendship come into play as Caroline helps him deal with his PTSD-like symptoms. “Caroline is going to be as supportive as she can to Stefan as she has been in the past couple of seasons,” Accola says. “I really love the friendship that has grown between them. I think that whoever is enjoying the Caroline and Stefan scenes, there will be a lot more of them this season.”

Beremy (Bonnie and Jeremy)

Bonnie and Jeremy aren’t facing any romantic competition when it come to their relationship. They just have to deal with the fact that Bonnie’s a ghost and they can’t feel each other. But at least they finally know how they both feel? “I think Bonnie’s his true love. I think it took him a while to realize that, but I think she’s his true love,” Steven R. McQueen says. “They both sacrificed so much for each other. She sacrificed her life to bring me back. I think she’s aware that I’m upset about that. So no matter what she says, I’m going to do what I have to to bring her back. At this point, the control has been out of my hands enough that I’m going to do what I have to and it doesn’t matter what anyone else says.”

While neither McQueen nor Kat Graham could reveal if they will find a way to bring Bonnie back from the death, they both agreed there are some great Beremy scenes we can look forward to. “I can’t really say too much but I can say that you will get to see more moments with Bonnie and Jeremy,” Graham teases.

Datherine/Statherine (Katherine and Damon/Stefan)

With the shocking twist that Katherine is now aging rapidly, her health concerns will stir up some drama for either Katherine and Stefan or Katherine and Damon. “There is that lingering love for one of the brothers that we learn more about as episodes progress,” Dobrev says. “She does love one of the brothers. Almost like Elena has chosen, Katherine has chosen and we see that unfold a little bit.”

Somerhalder says it doesn’t matter if Katherine loves Damon, because his feelings on Katherine are less-than-complimentary. “Damon wants Katherine as dead as a doornail,” Somerhalder says. “I think she reminds him of everything awful he’s ever done — she taught him how to kill, taught him how to enjoy it. He hates her. And he just wants her gone. She causes a lot of problems.”

Katt (Matt and Katherine)

And as for Katherine and Matt, now that he’s had a threesome with Rebekah and Katherine’s daughter Nadia, will there be any weirdness between Matt and Katherine? “I don’t think it’s weird. I think it’s perhaps a little bit enticing for Matt … I’m just kidding,” Zach Roerig laughs. “No, it’s never really come up in the story where that’s a weird thing. Katherine constantly refers to Matt as Matty Blue Eyes. They’ve always had a certain flirtation going on. But that little triangle hasn’t lead anywhere yet. That would have been cool. I pitched it.”

So if Matt and Katherine aren’t going to happen, will there be any romantic interests for Matt this season? “I don’t know if there’s going to be much love for Matt this season. In Mystic Falls, Matt’s obligations always lie with protecting his friends,” Roerig says. “There’s not really a lot of room for love. Who really is there to date? Everyone’s supernatural or getting killed. I think Matt has commitment issues, honestly. But who knows? We’ll see what happens with Nadia and Matt. I think that might be moving somewhere towards at least maybe another one night stand.”

Kathijah (Katherine and Elijah)

Since Katherine’s health is failing her, a lot of fans have been wondering if we’ll see her ex Elijah cross over from “The Originals” to help her or possibly rekindle their relationship. “I certainly hope so, but I haven’t seen any evidence of it yet,” Daniel Gilles says of a possible “TVD” crossover for Elijah. “But if he does, it would make for an interesting episode. I wonder what she’d do if I showed up … “

So there you have it, “TVD” and “The Originals” fans — that’s the status of pretty much every shipper pair you can think of. If you don’t like
the answers the cast and show runners gave for your favorite couple, just wait a couple episodes. Everything will probably change by then, anyways!

“The Vampire Diaries” airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET and “The Originals” airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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