vampire diaries 422 kol nathaniel buzolic 'The Vampire Diaries' 'Walking Dead' promo: Kol's return, plus Elena's impressive right hook“The Vampire Diaries” Season 4 is hurtling toward its epic conclusion — and in this week’s penultimate episode, we’ll see the return of at least one familiar character from beyond the veil.

The promo for “The Walking Dead,” airing Thursday, May 9, reveals that Kol — played by fan fave Nathaniel Buzolic — is back from the dead. But did Silas and Bonnie succeed in dropping the veil? Or is he just someone’s bad dream?

Meanwhile, the promo also reveals Elena clocking someone — though it’s hard to see who it is. After what happened in last week’s episode, we’re sure that her pretty impressive right hook is the result of some genuine human emotion, but who is the unlucky person on the wrong end of her fist? Is it Kol? Could it be Stefan?

Of course, Elena’s driving goal in the last two episodes is to kill Katherine, once and for all, but while she’s pursuing that goal, Bonnie has vowed to make Katherine the most powerful, immortal creature in town. Perhaps Professor Shane and Silas got to Bonnie more than we realized? Or maybe Jeremy’s death was just more than she could take and she finally cracked?

There’s also the question of whether Kol (or any of the other fallen friends, like Jeremy or Alaric) could be back from the dead permanently. “Rumor has it that one resurrection may stick,” wrote TVLine’s Michael Ausiello. We haven’t heard those rumors ourselves, but we’re always down for less death!

Watch the promo below and get your guesses in down in our comments section.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie