vampire diaries stefan elena dance cry 'The Vampire Diaries': Why is Elena crying in Stefan's arms at the decade dance?Zap2it recently gave “Vampire Diaries” fans a sneak peek at the upcoming decade dance episode, but one photo had us particularly worried. In this shot, Elena (Nina Dobrev) looks beautiful in her 1920s garb — but she’s clearly not having a good night as she breaks down crying in the arms of her date, Stefan (Paul Wesley).

She’s got an injury, unless that’s someone else’s blood on the cloth in her hand, but we know Elena isn’t the type to cry over her own bloodshed. We caught up with executive producer Julie Plec at Warner Bros’ Television Out of the Box opening at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills on Thursday night to find out why Elena will be so horribly distraught.

Is it a my-love-life-is-a-disaster cry? A someone-I-love-just-died-in-the-gym cry?

“It’s an ‘a lot has happened in our lives, a lot has torn us apart’ cry,” Plec says. “A lot has gone down on the evening of the decade dance, and it’s two people who really just need to hold each other. They need to feel something with each other. It’s a beautiful moment, but it is sad. That’s a very sad episode.”

By the way, if you need a little scoop on the other side of the triangle, we’ve got a great Damon/Elena tease right here. The dance episode airs April 26, but new “TVD” episodes return on April 19 at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie