vice guide to everything mtv die antwoorp rave 'The Vice Guide to Everything' sneak peek: You're invited to a rave... in South Africa

MTV’s “The Vice Guide to Everything” goes places the mainstream media wouldn’t (and couldn’t). If youth-oriented MTV News had a love child with the edgy Vice magazine, this documentary series is what their baby would look like. And Zap2it has an exclusive preview!
Hosted by Vice magazine cofounder Shane Smith and his crew, accompanied by filmmaker Spike Jonze (whose films include “Where the Wild Things Are,” “Jackass: The Movie,” and one of our favorites, “Being John Malkovich”), the series aims to take the magazine’s edgy reporting to the streets. But these aren’t exactly neighborhoods we’re familiar with. 
In Monday’s (Dec. 13) episode alone, they’ll hang with fighters from some of the toughest parts of Brazil, they’ll watch as Palestinians drag race with cars they stole from Israelis and they get inside an “Afghan Village” where US troops train for war located here in California!
Plus in our exclusive preview clip below, “Vice” joins Die Antwoord, one of South Africa’s strangest and most popular bands, for a rave!

“The Vice Guide to Everything” airs Mondays at 11 p.m. ET on MTV.
Posted by:Jethro Nededog