hank williams jr the view 'The View': Hank Williams Jr. warns against kicking cow pattiesOn Tuesday’s (Oct. 11) “The View,” Hank Williams Jr. made his first public appearance since likening President Obama to a Nazi on “Fox & Friends” last week. The country singer claims he broke off ties with ESPN and Disney and not vice versa.

“When I came in my house and my daughter said, ‘Daddy, are you in trouble?’ I said if I am, then we all are,'” Williams said. “On Tuesday, I said you can tell ESPN and Disney adios.”

Williams — dressed in a New York Yankees jersey, Airborne baseball cap and fancy-shmancy sunglasses — brought along a dictionary and had “View” co-host Sherri Shepherd read the definition of an analogy as some kind of proof that he did not in fact called the President a Nazi, but merely suggested he shared some Nazi-like qualities.

Despite already having issued an apology, Williams says the game of golf President Obama played with Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner still has him steamed.

“That golf game — a bunch of politicians that are out there juking and jiving and high-fiving,” said Williams, “was so inappropriate with all the things this country is going through.”

The singer, who pointed out that his “Are You Ready for Some Football” song will be a “free agent” come May 2012 — had two additional statements he wanted to get across to “The View’s” audience.

“I wanna quote Harry Truman,” he said. “He was asked a political question. He said, ‘Son, never kick a cow turd on a hot day.'”

Okay. Secondly, Williams wanted to make it clear that nothing Disney could do would lure him back to their employ:

“Me and Disney and ESPN and the opening of Monday Night Football are kind of like the Spanish-American War — history.”

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson