the-view-howard-stern-barbara-walters-sherri-shepherd-lap-americas-got-talentFor the first time ever — despite many appearances by his wife Beth Ostrosky — newly-minted “America’s Got Talent” judge Howard Stern visited “The View.” Or, rather, took over “The View.” From trying to set Barbara Walters up on a date to ribbing Sherri Shepherd about that old flat earth flub, some of the best moments from Thursday’s (May 10) Stern-edition of “The View”:

On Barbara Walters’ sex life:

“Barbara wants a man badly,” says Stern, who suggests Charlie Rose as a possible candidate. This lights a fire in Walters who ends up curling herself up in Stern’s lap, thus enabling him to brag about getting “downright sexual” with the 82-year-old “View” doyenne (who is a long-time Stern friend, btw.)

On Sherri Shepherd’s 2007 assertion that the world is flat:

“I went for a walk the other day on the beach and it does appear that the world is flat,” deadpans Stern, who has clearly been waiting five long years to deliver that line.

On Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s marriage:

“Elisabeth would have totally ignored me in high school,” says Stern, before asking if she’s married to “a football player or something.” When Elisabeth explains that she is indeed, Stern dismisses her husband — Tim Hasselbeck, now an ESPN analyst — saying, “You can do better than that.”

On Whoopi’s ancient relationship with Ted Danson:

“I liked you with Danson,” he says. Whoopi then explains that she was the one to end that relationship. “And then he took up with that Mary Steenburgen. He must be so bored.”

At the end of Stern’s third segment, Babs does her best to shut him down, protesting that “this is live TV” and they need to move on.

“Are you high?” he says to Babs. “I think you’re on speed. Calm down.”

And Babs giggles like a school girl.

Good times.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson