barbara walters the view newscom abc 325 'The View's' Barbara Walters: 'Jenny McCarthy is a life giver'Zap2it: What do you foresee for “The View” when you retire next year?

Barbara Walters: It’s very strange, because it’s my show, and I created it, but I never moderated it. I always gave it to somebody else because I was very busy doing “20/20,” and as a newsmagazine, that does not exist in the same way now.

I had already hired Whoopi Goldberg, though, and it’s a whole new and wonderful career for her. She moderates it most of the time — I do it one day a week — and Whoopi loves to moderate. I don’t think she’d give it up.

Zap2it: Has Jenny McCarthy brought what you hoped she would when she became one of “The View’s” co-hosts at the start of this season?

Barbara Walters: Both Jenny and Sherri [Shepherd] are life-givers. They are funny, they are sweet, and they will do anything. I saw this when we were all at the Disneyland Resort recently. They are just two adorable women. And we may one day get a man [as a co-host].

Zap2it: How satisfying is it for you that what transpires on “The View” still is talked about often?

Barbara Walters: “The View” was the first of its kind, and now I see a lot of shows copying it … even some of the news shows, with lots of people sitting around a desk, lots more combinations of people, more interplay among the people. We started that on “The View,” and it will continue. Will it change when I leave? Yes, but the format will continue, with hot topics and hot interviews.

Posted by:Jay Bobbin