voice cheesa angie 'The Voice' battle: Cheesa takes on Angie Johnson for Team Cee Lo“The Voice” entered its battle rounds this week, and for Team Cee-Lo, the first competitors up were Hawaiian vixen Cheesa and military singer Angie Johnson — a very powerful pairing. “She’s going to bring it with all she has and so am I,” Angie said.

Cheesa did have some nerves when it came to the trickier notes. “If I don’t hit that note, bye! Goodbye America! Nice seeing you!” she half-joked.

“It’s going to blow the roof off of the place. I can’t wait to see this one,” added Cee-Lo.

Of course, they had plenty of support, with Baby Face coming in for Cheesa and Ne-Yo stepping in for Angie. “You may be holding back a little bit right now, just make for damn sure you don’t do that onstage,” Ne-Yo warned Angie.

She told him that she was just holding out for the right moment, calling on her military training. “The finger’s gotta stay off the trigger til you’re ready to shoot,” she said.

Ultimately, though, all of her boot camp couldn’t save her. Their work on “Total Eclipse of the Heart” was one of our favorite performances of the night, but for Cee-Lo, one artist stood out. “I really don’t want to have to do this, but today the winner of this battle round is Cheesa,” he said. Carson gracefully thanked Angie for her service to the country as she left the stage.

Do you think Cee-Lo made the right call?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie