adam levine shakira usher blake shelton behind the scenes the voice nbc 'The Voice': Behind the scenes of the battle roundsEver wonder what goes on behind the scenes during the taping of a reality show like “The Voice”? Well, you’re in luck. Zap2It was on the scene for night two of the NBC hit’s battle rounds, and we’ve got the six things you’d never guess was going on when the cameras stopped rolling.

1. New coaches Shakira and Usher had a difficult time sending home one of their own

While it’s old hat for Adam Levine and Blake Shelton to crush someone’s dream at this point, the two newbies struggled with this part of the competition. If Usher‘s deliberation on one of his battles had aired unedited, it would have taken half the show. Seriously.

2. Blake and Adam are BFF, for real

Every time the cameras stopped rolling, Adam hopped out of his chair and made his way down the row to bestie Blake, gabbing away like school girls. That bromance that you see on screen? It’s the real deal, and it’s adorable.

3. Adam loves the “Golden Girls” theme song

To keep the audience entertained during downtime, a “Name That Tune” contest was played between four volunteers, using all TV theme songs. When the iconic theme to “The Golden Girls” was cued up, Adam immediately began singing and dancing. It was ah-mah-zing.

4. Some artists sound different in person than on TV

In that battle between Michael Austin and Warren Stone, Warren sound like he was just screaming throughout Jason Aldean‘s “My Kinda Party.” Watching the performance back, however, it sounded much different and better. The magic of TV.

5. Adam desperately wanted to steal Caroline, much more than you know

It may have seemed odd when host Carson Daly noted that Adam was “champing at the bit” to steal Caroline. That’s due to editing. In person, the minute Blake chose Danielle, Adam began slamming on his button. It turns out his button wasn’t on yet, as it’s custom for Carson to address the just-eliminated artist to say a few words before the stealing can begin.

6. Shakira’s baby boy visited set and earned the loudest applause

Celebrity egos bruise easily, but we’re willing to bet the other coaches weren’t too upset they weren’t the one to earn the most cheers this day. After all, who could begrudge a baby? Shakira‘s 11-month-old son Milan was on set and, in between two battles, he was brought out to spend some time with Mommy. The crowd went wild for the little guy, and for good reason — he’s adorable! When it was time to leave Mom, the cutie couldn’t take his eyes off Shakira, squirming around in his nanny’s arms so he could keep her gaze. We don’t blame him.

Posted by:Billy Nilles